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Network Innovations provides global connectivity via our suite of satellite communications solutions for SCADA, Telemetry and M2M data applications. We work with you to determine the right solution for your requirements and provide the expertise to help you plan, integrate, test, deploy and operate a satellite communications solution for your SCADA or M2M operations. Our solutions bring cost savings, timely operational results and improved functionality.

Satcom Benefits for M2M, SCADA & Telemetry

Satellite communications for SCADA networks form a reliable alternative to traditional methods. The benefits of our satellite based communications solutions include:

  • Portable systems with a short implementation cycle
  • Broadcast networks (multiple stations can receive a single message simultaneously)
  • Very cost effective compared with land lines or radio towers
  • Highly reliable with world-wide coverage
  • Easy integration options for Serial or IP-based PLC/RTUs
  • Single, consistent technology to deploy on a global basis

Building the Right Solution

Networscada vsatk Innovations has a team of resources that work with you to refine your business requirements and determine the best solution for your specific needs. Our team of experts will help you to design, test, implement and support a satellite communications solution that will ensure consistent and reliable M2M or SCADA data communications. Based upon your requirements, we will recommend the best solution for your needs in terms of the right technical fit, the optimal total cost of ownership and the best commercial option to meet your project lifespan.

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Solutions for SCADA/M2M via Satellite


For organizations that require a SCADA/M2M host application, Network Innovations partners with MR Control Systems to provide the EVENTA Monitoring & Control solution.  EVENTA was uniquely designed for SCADA/M2M applications operating via satellite communications. EVENTA provides a unique method that combines poll/response and report by exception reporting to reduce data volumes by a factor of 10 to 100; and therefore optimizes the cost effectiveness of using satellite communications for SCADA/M2M applications.

Satellite Technologies

Network Innovations provides both IP and packet data serial satellite modems for integration with your remote devices.  Small, easy to implement devices on L Band satellite platforms such as Inmarsat and Iridium are ideal for low data volume or mobile applications where your remote equipment is on the move.  For higher data volume or faster bandwidth requirements, Network Innovations provides VSAT services.

  • BGAN M2M – BGAN M2M provides low cost IP satellite terminals and rate plans ideally suited for high frequency, very low latency data reporting, BGAN M2M is well suited for monitoring fixed assets such as pipelines and oil well heads, or back-hauling electricity consumption data within a utility.
  • Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) – Iridium SBD is a simple and efficient network service for transmitting short data messages between equipment and centralized host computer systems.  Ideal for mobile applications that require GPS tracking.
  • Inmarsat IsatData Pro (IDP) – A low data rate service ideal for remote management of fixed assets including tracking and telemetry, IsatData Pro operates in near real-time anywhere in the world on Inmarsat satellites.
  • VSAT – Ideal for higher bandwidth applications or higher data volumes (100+ Mbytes/month), VSAT systems provide IP connectivity with secure VPN or cross connect backhauls to your SCADA host application.

SatControl & SatCompass

To help you manage your satellite communications devices, Network Innovations provides a variety of tools including SatControl, SatCompass & MySatCompass.

SatControl from Network Innovations provides comprehensive management capabilities for monitoring, filtering, real-time reporting and usage controls of Inmarsat BGAN, M2M & FleetBroadband satellite terminals.

  • Manage and view SIM card information, SIM status, view IP Pools & Addresses.
  • Monitor SIMs for Session Status: Active/Inactive
  • Generate SatTrace reports showing Internet statistics, such as web sites that have been visited.
  • Generate real-time reports on traffic by date/time including breakdown of usage by uplink/downlink and destination IP address.
  • Filter by assigning firewall rules to specific SIM cards and Enable/disable the firewall on a per-SIM basis
  • Remotely Terminate active sessions (PDP contexts)
  • Control Usage by allocating credit (e.g. Standard IP megabytes of usage) to SIM cards

Key Benefits:BGAN utilities application

  • Helps to control costs of usage
  • Provides detailed reporting to aid M2M deployments
  • Flexibility to filter different SIM cards for different user or application scenarios:
  • Quick access to determine status of remote satellite devices
  • Reports to enable you to analyze traffic patterns and usage by SIM

Universal Communications Adapter (UCA)

Network Innovations’ Universal Communications Adapter (UCA) adds value to your M2M or SCADA operations. The UCA interfaces with your PLC/RTU’s to provide programmable scheduling, multiple holding registers to store files for local polling, programmable thresholds for report by exception monitoring, and the ability to make remote programming changes to RTUs. The UCA provides the added intelligence to enable the PLC/RTU to communicate with satellite modems including support for Modbus.

Legacy RTU Integration

BANDIT routers enable integration of legacy RTUs and PLCs that are not native IP devices. These industrially hardened cyber security appliances feature integrated router, firewall, terminal server, serial to IP converter, legacy protocol conversion, and VPN functionality.  BANDIT routers provide up to 6 serial RS232 ports, an integrated four port fully managed Ethernet switch, selectable power supplies and redundancy options, and an optional integrated V.92 modem.