Network Innovations provides high bandwidth broadband satellite Internet connectivity for vessels at sea.  Our suite of solutions accommodate a variety of needs from leisure craft sailors who need basic email through to fishing and freighters that require a complete Internet at sea system for multiple users and crew calling applications.


The Inmarsat FleetBroadband service provides near global coverage for broadband Internet and telephone service.  Three models are available to match the needs of vessels and crew sizes from large to small.  FleetBroadband is the ideal entry point for adding Internet to your vessel.

Maritime VSAT

Maritime VSAT provides the highest bandwidth for large vessels and crews.  Network Innovations can provide multi-megabit per second links to enable a full multi-user on-board LAN with voice over IP telephone service.  Connectivity can be provided on a near global basis across KU or C band.

Iridium OpenPortIridium OpenPort

The Iridium OpenPort provides an Internet option for vessels operating in polar regions outside the coverage range of FleetBroadband or Maritime VSAT.

Value Add Services

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