BGAN – Broadband Global Area Network – Terminals are an effective option for telemetry, M2M or SCADA applications that require an IP-based device at the remote location.  BGAN terminals can be packaged in weather-proof pole mount enclosures with heating or cooling options to provide a reliable remote communications device that can be fully powered via solar panels and operate in all weather conditions.

BGAN terminals provide a standard Ethernet connection to allow you to connect any IP device directly to the BGAN terminal.  Network Innovations can provide VPN services to make the BGAN terminal a secured node on your network.   BGAN terminals provide ample bandwidth for telemetry (up to 480 kbps) and usage costs make it ideal for applications that are transmitting 500 Kbytes to 50 Mbytes of data on a monthly basis.

BGAN is an Inmarsat-based service that provides near global coverage and operates on L-Band frequency, which provides superior performance in poor weather conditions.

In addition to providing a Broadband IP connection, BGAN terminals also provide a separate voice channel for telephone calls and support for SMS text messaging.  Having an in-built telephone capability provides a visiting technician with a means to communicate when visiting a remote site for maintenance or repair operations.

BGAN terminals can connect directly to IP-based PCL or RTUs or via Serial-IP converters, you can utilize BGAN with Serial devices.9502 two piece config

Performance – BGAN M2M is a fixed Standard IP service, offering data speeds in excess of 100 Kbps in both directions. It also has the capability to transmit larger data files and interact with remote devices on an IP session.

Coverage – The service is delivered via three satellites that make up the Inmarsat-4 (I-4) network. All three I-4 satellites collectively cover all surfaces of the earth, except for extreme Polar Regions. It is one network meaning that you can deploy and monitor your fixed operations wherever they are located in the world with the same communications solution.

Ease Of Use – The service is accessed by a plug-and-play terminal that is designed to integrate seamlessly into your operations, with no expertise needed to set up and use the device.

Network Reliability & Longevity – The availability of the Inmarsat satellites and ground network exceed 99.9%, so connectivity can be depended upon to access your business-critical applications.  The geostationary location of the satellites means that service is not affected by outages often experienced by terrestrial or cellular technology in severe weather, or when communications go down following a natural or man-made disaster.  The I-4 network has an operational life well into the 2020’s, providing a secure, long term investment path for your SCADA or telemetry application.  The satellite network is connected to the terrestrial Internet at Network Innovations POP infrastructure, where VPN services, private backhaul or inter-connects are available.

Cost Effective – Hardware costs are extremely competitive and airtime costs are on a CAPEX-orientated model. Pricing packages are available based on typical monthly data usage between 2 and 20 Megabytes, and will enable managers to have full visibility of costs and allocate budgets on an annual basis.

Key Features:

  • Ubiquitous coverage with high levels of availability and performance in unmanned environments
  • Real-time visibility of operations
  • Cost-effective alternative to saturated terrestrial cellular networks
  • Improves security for managing critical infrastructure
  • Easily integrates into your operations
  • Low hardware costs
  • CAPEX-oriented airtime packages based on typical usage
  • Power efficiency enabling operation in power-deficient areas

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