bgan-link-graphicBGAN Link 3 and 12-month geographic plans, activated within the next six months* within Inmarsat’s defined 200km radius from GPS coordinates: 18°56’55.9″N 73°15’24.6″W are eligible for the relaxing of mobility restrictions in order to ensure teams are able to assist Haitians in the impacted areas.

*Contact Network Innovations for BGAN Link rate plan details and specific  terms and conditions (Offer started October, 2016)

High Usage BGAN Service

BGAN Link is a broadband data service for users who have a requirement for high volumes of standard IP data in one location. It provides companies working in a remote area for sustained periods of time with a data connection speed of up to half a megabit, suitable for standard office-type applications such as email, internet and intranet access, and VPN access to corporate networks.

BGAN Link PlansBGAN ARMOR Side View

Chose from either a 2 GByte or 30 GByte/month plan on either a three month or one year term. Users can exceed their usage plan and be charged for the additional usage at the per MB rate or those requiring total cost control can select an option that cumulatively monitors daily usage to ensure monthly allowance is not exceeded.

Depend on BGAN Link for your business-critical data communications:

  • BGAN Link allows companies to send and receive high volumes of standard IP data in one location, for a fixed monthly fee with a minimum term commitment of 3 or 12 months
  • BGAN Link is accessed extensively throughout the award-winning global Inmarsat-4 satellites and ground network, which operates at 99.90% availability
  • Data connection is maintained even during extreme environmental conditions such as heavy rain, snow, ice and sand storms
  • BGAN Link power consumption is low, and batteries, if used, are easy to recharge by solar panels.
  • Complement BGAN Link’s data connection with IsatPhone Link for voice calls, giving you a suite of cost-effective communications for your fixed remote offices
  • Network Innovations VPN or Filtering services are available for BGAN Link

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