How to Select the Right Technology for AVL GPS Tracking

How to Select the Right Technology for AVL GPS Tracking

Network Innovations offers a variety of options for AVL/GPS tracking applications. Determining which solution is optimal for your situation will vary depending upon the nature of your requirements.   Download our Requirements Planning worksheet to help you gather your AVL/GPS technical requirements.

The main variables that will help in determining the right selection for your needs will be:

  • Geographic coverage, including topography of the areas you operate in (e.g. mountainous terrain)
  • Frequency of GPS reporting (e.g. every 15 minutes or twice a day)
  • Geo-fencing, messaging and data requirements (e.g. speed, PTO, Ignition status, Idle time, etc.)
  • Operating budget per vehicle per month

The last item will impact how often you can obtain GPS reports as well as the amount of other data you can send from the vehicle, since you pay for every byte of data that you send back to your head office via satellite.  Cost per Kilobyte ranges from $1.50-$10/Kbyte across the various satellite technologies.  If you operate within cellular coverage part of the time, then a dual-mode solution may be applicable to help reduce operating costs.

Based upon your requirements, your Network Innovations representative can help to determine which satellite technology will meet your needs at an optimal total cost of ownership.