Lone Worker Solutions

Ensuring the health and safety of employees is critical to any organization’s success.  Many industries employ personnel that work alone, often in remote regions where terrestrial communications are limited.  Legislation has been introduced in many countries that requires organizations to do everything reasonable to protect the safety of their employees.  This includes having a communication system for employees to contact other people who can respond to the employee’s need.

Network Innovations provides a suite of satellite communications solutions that help ensure the safety of people that work alone in remote locales.  Regardless of your location in the field, land or sea, Network Innovations provides solutions for your staff’s safety.

Voice Communications

Many regions of the world lack support for basic telephone voice communications.  Our satellite phone solutions provide both mobile and fixed phone capabilities with coverage around the globe.  They are easy to install, easy to use and available for purchase or rental to ensure that your remote workers can call for help and you can respond quickly in case of injury or emergency.  Models are available with integrated GPS, panic buttons or can be coupled with docking kits to add GPS tracking for in vehicle deployments.

Safety Location Tracking

Energy, Mining, Forestry and Transportation industries require mobile workers in remote areas. Network Innovations solutions can help you track the location of staff so they can be located in the event of an emergency.  Tracking solutions can be mounted in vehicles, transportable cases or clipped to a worker’s safety belt.

Work-Alone Sensors

For field staff operating in hazardous conditions, Network Innovations provides timer-based and motion sensor-based solutions that can send notification of an emergency situation or man-down scenario.  Our solutions include a panic button for the remote worker and the ability to control vehicle doors, horns and alarm systems.

Enforcement, Rescue and Emergency Dispatching and Response

Law enforcement, rescue workers and emergency response personnel often work alone, in remote locales or in hazardous or life-threatening situations.  Our voice dispatch radio solutions deliver effective voice communications to provide field workers with access to push-to-talk technology for one-to-many broadcasts, talk groups and peer-to-peer communications.  These systems can be linked between emergency response organizations for coordinating response operations.