Get fast and reliable transfer of vital data for your transportation enterprise. Network Innovations offers monitoring, reporting and communications services for your fleet at land or at sea.  Our solutions provide global coverage allowing you to track the location of vehicles, ships, or other assets.  Addtionally, we can provide the functionality to remotely monitor your fleet for operational performance data.

Satellite Communications

We provide a cross section of solutions to ensure your ability to track and communicate with your assets anywhere in the world.

  • Track your vehicles, vessels, field equipment, containers, people (lone workers), compressors, oil field equipment or other fixed or mobile assets
  • Location tracking by GPS with optional geo-fencing and mapping solutions
  • Track operational information such as runtime, temperature, security alarms, vehicle doors open/closed, speed, pressure or other parameters

Data Integration

In addition to basic GPS tracking, we can integrate with your vessels, vehicles or other assets to capture other operational information for safety monitoring, trend analysis, cost analysis and management reporting.

Hosted Mapping Services

We can integrate with your existing mapping solutions or provide you with access to our hosted mapping services that allows you to view your assets and other operational data through a web browser.

Lone Worker Tracking

Network Innovations provides a variety of options that let you track the location of your staff around the globe to ensure personal safety and provide a means for them to communicate with you. Are options range from handheld satellite phones with GPS to personal trackers and C1D2 certified personal safety systems that can automatically notify you if a worker becomes immobilize in the field or needs to send a distress signal for assistance.