Reliable and real-time communications are critical for utility companies. Network Innovations provides reliable satellite communications solutions that enable utility companies to maintain high availability of their infrastructure, expedite field operations and ensure the safety of field staff, anywhere in the world.        

Utility companies choose Network Innovations for our knowledge, expertise, and breadth of communications solutions for voice and data applications. We work with Utility companies to help them resolve key business challenges, such as:

  • Enabling voice and data communications anywhere around the globe, providing assurance of connectivity wherever your people or infrastructure takes you.
  • Providing secure, commercial grade services with private networking options for managing critical infrastructure.
  • Extending the reach of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to obtain consumption data from collector points, however remote they are.
  • Delivering SCADA/M2M communications, globally, for automated monitoring and remote control of distribution and substation infrastructure.
  • Keeping installation and maintenance crews in regular contact with the office to optimize productivity, speed up diagnostics and decision-making.
  • Ensuring the safety of field staff with telephone and push-to-talk communications and portable devices for GPS tracking and emergency notifications.
  • Reducing network downtime during natural or man-made events that disrupt terrestrial and cellular networks, by providing satellite-based voice and data connectivity to run critical applications.
  • Optimizing SCADA & M2M communications over satellite links with intelligent solutions that reduce data volumes to lower operational costs.

Satellite Communications Solutions for Utilities

Network Innovations solutions for voice and data communications help to ensure the availability of the critical infrastructure that Utility companies manage; and the safety of the people managing it.

  • Extending AMI & the SMART Grid – Our satellite solutions help you extend visibility throughout your service territory to backhaul consumption data from anywhere across your infrastructure. Satellite communications excel for AMI and SMART Grid applications because cellular networks suffer from limited coverage, restricted bandwidth, a tendency to experience congestion, and vulnerability to natural and other disasters. Our BGAN M2M & VSAT services provide a reliable, cost-effective alternative to backhaul usage data from AMI concentrators, allowing utilities to extend their network reach to their entire customer base. Privacy, scalability, flexible bandwidth, ease of deployment and global coverage are all significant benefits that BGAN MBGAN SMART Grid2M provides as an AMI backhaul solution.   To compliment our satellite services, the EVENTA platform is ideal for building Smart Grid applications. It provides scalability and flexibility to interface with any device to provide real-time data of the entire system. Monitoring, analysis, reporting, and control applications can access and process real-time and historical data at an astonishing speed. For Micro Grid, EVENTA’s ability to monitor, analyze and automate large number of devices that are scattered over a wide area makes it an ideal solution.  Connect to multiple remote devices such as Protection relays, PLCs, RTUs, meters, and any specialized controller. The centralized system stores all information, runs multiple automation applications, generates reports and provides secure access to data via the web.
  • Substation & Distribution Automation – Network Innovations can provide you with connectivity anywhere your distribution and substation infrastructure exists. Our small, easy to install, BGAN M2M systems can be deployed along your power distribution lines to provide you with broadband IP connectivity everywhere you need it. Our global satellite services give you complete visibility and control, extending network oversight to your entire service territory. This enables you to continuously monitor your entire distribution network for voltage fluctuations, outages and peaks in service demand. Should demand spike or a fault develop, you can then remotely cRocket DA_2ontrol reclosers and other devices to re-route the power supply. Data security is assured through private networks connected to your SCADA host application. If you need a SCADA application for substation and distribution automation, the EVENTA Monitoring & Control system can communicate with all Substation RTUs, IEDs, protection relays, and meters while it provides real-time data back to your Control Center. The EVENTA system provides the platform to build custom Distribution Automation logic that fits your needs. The logic is flexible, scalable and device independent. An extensive graphical user interface, with trending and reporting capabilities provide the ultimate solution for a complete Distribution Automation system.
  • Enhancing Field Workforce Productivity – When your field crew has to work outside of cellular range, keeping them connected via satellite will help to maintain productivity. Our portable phone and Internet systems enable your field workers to stay in constant contact with their support offices – checking emails, sending progress reports, updating job orders and scheduling work, picking up important work messages, and accessing all their corporate applications. We have easy to use devices that can fit in a case with a laptop computer or mount in a service truck for communications on the move. For field installation engineers and maintenance crews, having reliable broadband access to your corporate networks means they can send and receive files including photos or video that may be useful in remote diagnosis of damaged infrastructure. You can even do video conferencing to help speed up decision-making and get immediate input from specialists in distant offices, to and from the field in real time.
  • Emergency Backup & Disaster Recovery Communications – Even if your infrastructure and people all operate within terrestrial or cellular services, those services can be compromised by natural disasters or man-made events.  Satellite communications provides an effective emergency backup option for telephone, push-to-talk, Internet and SCADA applications.  Your best contingency plan for backup communications is to use satellite technology.  Whether it’s voice, data or both, Network Innovations can provide the right suite of technologies and services to ensure you can keep your critical operations running during times of crisis.


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