Vehicle Mount Drive-Away VSAT Terminals

For people and industries on the move, Network Innovations provides auto-pointing VSAT systems for installation on data vans, trailers, military vehicles, news gathering vans, trucks and buses. Our vehicle mount systems provide reliable, high-speed Internet access via satellite no matter where your location. The system mounts easily on top of the vehicle and with the simple click of a button the satellite dish automatically deploys and locks on to the selected satellite. Once locked on, you are automatically connected to the Internet or your VPN at broadband speeds.

Portable Fly-Away VSAT Terminals

Fly-Away antennas provide maximum portability of a VSAT solution. Our Fly-Away antennas are available either as a complete system requiring no assembly, or as a multi-case solution requiring some assembly at the remote site. Solutions are available in a variety of sizes, weight classes and ruggedized enclosures to accommodate military, media satellite news gathering, emergency response and other industry applications. These systems provide push-button auto-pointing so that the unit can be set-up and operational without the need of a technician.

Video Streaming Routers

Network Innovations’ media connectivity include hybrid solutions that allow users to have always-available connections using Satellite Services integrated with terrestrial systems. Hybrid solutions make it possible to always be connected even when 4G/5G, radio, and microwave networks are unavailable. Network Innovations’ hybrid solutions include Peplink routers as part of the Antenna, MAVERICK VSAT Service, Modem, Router configuration.