With only a laptop with M-Link Live X & Newscaster software, a digital camera and an Inmarsat BGAN satellite terminal in the field, both live video and audio as well as FTP video and audio and video conferencing can be managed by one person without technical skills regarding satellite uplinks.The M-Link video and audio application in combination with the Inmarsat BGAN (Broadband Global Area network) Network offers almost worldwide coverage for Video and Audio transmission, voice, fax, data via very compact and easy to deploy satellite terminals. A reservation in advance for satellite capacity is not necessary for this network. The Inmarsat BGAN network offers a 256/256 kbps guaranteed and maximum 492/492 kbps shared IP channel. At the receiving side the M-Link exchange server takes care for receipt and distribution of the video and audio footage.

Field configuration:

In the field, the Inmarsat BGAN terminal is used (see picture). The BGAN terminal is connected to a Laptop via an ethernet cable. On the Laptop the M-Link Live X & Newscaster software is installed. The M-Link Live X & Newscaster software has an H.264 AVC codec which is absolutely perfect for sending high quality video and audio by using a small band satellite link. This results in a very high picture quality with a minimum of delay. By connecting the camera to your laptop, live video and audio can be directly streamed to your newsroom. Beside recording, compressing and after that sending the video and audio by using the FTP, also AVID files can be sent over.

Receiving configuration (newsroom)

At the receiving station the M-Link Exchange Server, connected to the internet, handles the receipt and distribution of the Life and FTP video and audio files. The 4U rack mount server offers SDI and HD-SDI interfaces and composit as well as analogue XLR (audio) connections.


  • Flexible, almost worldwide deployable, on demand capsat available
  • Userfriendly, no satellite uplink experience necessary
  • Easily extendable for more remote users, using one server
  • Hybrid, works with any IP connection