Reliable & Secure communications are a fundamental and important cornerstone of effective Public Safety services.  Network Innovations provides regional, national and global coverage to address the needs of our Public Safety customers. Our interoperability, high availability and ease of integration with existing communications infrastructures are key reasons that Public Safety organizations choose Network Innovations.

Public Safety organizations recognize that our satellite communications solutions can help them resolve key challenges, such as:

  • Providing interoperable communications between Public Safety agencies at the federal, state, county and municipal levels. With the added benefit of integrating existing legacy communications equipment into the solution.
  • Enabling broadband communications on a global basis for data, video, GPS and Radio over IP systems.
  • Ensuring availability of communications resources during times of crisis or natural disasters.
  • Optimizing capital and operating costs by reducing implementation timelines and negating the costs of acquiring and maintaining terrestrial radio infrastructure to expand coverage or to add service capabilities.
  • Providing effective communications coverage across the continent or globe.

Network Innovations SATRAD Mobile Command SystemPublic Safety, First Responders & Emergency Services agencies count on communications to ensure an efficient and coordinated response when fire, accidents, terrorism or natural disasters strike. Emergencies can occur anywhere, so communications services must be available in remote locations and cannot be susceptible to the very threats or disasters to which emergency teams are responding. Network Innovations satellite communications solutions enable effective communications with reliable coverage and easy integration with existing radio systems and IP networks.

  • Interoperability – Our Push-to-Talk technologies from Iridium and Cobham along with our SATRAD systems provide fast, global coverage from pole-to-pole over secure satellite networks. Operating on the basis of talk groups, customers can share access to talk groups for interoperability. SMART Talk Groups are available to government, public safety and organizations that manage critical infrastructure. These SMART talk groups provide interoperable communications between public safety agencies operating across North America.
  • Coverage – Our satellite systems provide coverage around the globe. Whether you are looking to expand coverage for areas outside of your terrestrial networks or need an emergency backup system, we can provide solutions that work for regional, national or global coverage requirements.
  • Availability – Our satellite systems are reliable, and for the Public Safety sector we employ technologies that are available when you need them most; times of crisis. Since we operate on satellite, our systems do not have the susceptibility to damage from hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis or earthquakes. When your radio or cellular tower is knocked down or too busy to handle the call volume, our satellite systems are up and running. Our SATRAD systems operate on satellites with ample bandwidth available, so that there are no congestion issues.e500%20-%20action%20military%20300dpi%20-%20no%2006
  • Broadband With systems like BGAN, we bring broadband communications to you on a global basis. These systems provide communications, on the move, for all types of emergency response vehicles or command trailers. For higher speed broadband applications we provide a variety of portable and auto-aiming VSAT systems for multi-Mbps Internet connectivity to support your data, radio over IP or voice over IP applications.
  • Capital & Operating Costs – With our satellite solutions you don’t have to design, buy, build and maintain the communications infrastructure. That’s already done for you, so there are significant savings that Public Safety organizations realize by not having to manage the infrastructure. Simply acquire the satellite terminals that you need for voice, PTT or data applications and leverage our economical airtime plans for usage that fits your operating environment.

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