Real-time communications that operate around the globe, at land or sea, are imperative for the energy sector.  Network Innovations provides reliable satellite communications solutions that enable energy, oil and gas producers, pipeline operators and oilfield services companies to expedite field operations, monitor remote equipment and ensure the safety of field staff, anywhere in the world.

Oil, Gas and Energy companies choose Network Innovations for our knowledge, responsiveness, ability to customize solutions, and integrate satellite technologies with oilfield equipment; and the breadth of communications solutions we provide for voice and data applications. We work with Energy, Oil & Gas companies to help them resolve key business challenges, such as:

  • Enabling voice and data communications anywhere around the globe, providing assurance of connectivity wherever your people or operations takes you.
  • Providing easy to use and portable phone and Internet systems for geophysicists and geologists appraising prospects in remote locations.
  • Delivering SCADA/M2M communications, globally, for automated monitoring and remote control of distribution networks, pipelines and oil wellheads for pressure, flow rates and other essential metrics that help to increase productivity and reduce downtime.
  • Optimizing SCADA & M2M communications over satellite links with intelligent solutions that reduce data volumes to lower operational costs.
  • Providing broadband Internet and crew/morale calling capabilities for off-shore platforms or remote camp sites, to keep workers in touch with their office during work hours and family during after hours.
  • Ensuring the safety of field staff with telephone and push-to-talk communications and portable devices for GPS tracking and emergency notifications.

Satellite Communications Solutions For Oil & Gas Applications

Whether you’re an exploration team, operating a petroleum tanker fleet, installing or monitoring pipeline operations, gas plants or oil refineries; your remote offices, drilling crews and off-shore operations staff will need effective telephone, Internet and SCADA/M2M communications. Network Innovations provides a suite of solutions to expedite and optimize operations and ensuring the safety of your people.

Oil Exploration – Through our satellite communications solutions, your exploratioBGAN for Oil field services telemetryn and drilling teams can transmit geo-magnetic and seismic surveys, drilling, mud logging, production testing and other data from field operations to head office for instant analysis — with immediate communications back to the field, directing crews on next steps. Crucial daily operational progress reports between survey crew and head office can easily be exchanged using systems such as Inmarsat BGAN or portable VSAT systems.

Drilling Operations – During drilling, site operators can take advantage of satellite voice and e-mail capabilities to transmit information on rock formations from the drilling recorder to the head office. In addition, satellite communications can also be used to monitor status and production information from wells and pipelines to help improve operating efficiencies. Data on pump and valve control, flow measurements, pressure and temperature monitoring, leak detection, and corrosion monitoring can be sent back from the field to office staff.  For broadband Internet you can utilize VSAT or BGAN technologies.  For low data volume requirements we provide a variety of options in our SCADA/M2M solutions.

Safety/ Lone Worker /Emergency Response – In an emergency situation, an immediate link to the outside world can mean the difference between life and tragedy. With satellite communications, site managers can access emergency assistance quickly and employees can rest comfortably with the knowledge that help and family is only a phone call a way. The ensured ability to communicate means remote crews or lone workers can call for help in case of injury or emergency.  Additionally, satellite solutions provide the communications support required to respond to environmental emergencies immediately, mitigating damage and limiting liability while improving environmental stewardship.

Remote/Off-Shore Offices / Mobile Staff – Secure, efficient communications can be provided between remote, isolated locations or offshore platforms and head offices to report on work status, dispatch supplies and repairs, report on-site emergencies, and transfer geophysical surveys. Satellite-based phone & Internet can be set up to serve oil crews in remote areas. This boosts the morale of mobile workers by giving them the ability to keep in touch with their family and friends.

Pipelines/SCADA Operations – Satellite based communications for SCADA networks provide ubiquitous coverage around the globe to provide connectivity wherever your operations take you. Whether it’s main line value, compressor stations, or cathodic protection monitoring on a pipeline, or gas field optimization, we can provide you with reliable and secure communications, and a monitoring & control host platform that has been optimized for satellite communications.

Asset Management – Fixed & Mobile – Satellite communications enables a variety of asset management capabilities for both fixed and mobile assets. By enabling communications anywhere, anytime, a variety of information about assets can be collected and monitored remotely, such as:

  • Monitoring and reporting for oil, gas and chemical storage tanks
  • Flow, leakage and cathodic protection monitoring for pipelines
  • GPS Tracking and monitoring of vehicle, truck, trailer and cargo locations
  • Track operating conditions of vehicles, tanker fleets and trailers including temperature alarms, open doors, full/empty conditions, engine hours, fuel levels, miles driven and engine diagnosticsOil & Gas SCADA VSAT

Oilfield Service – Our Satellite technology provides Oilfield Service companies with the ability to equip your mobile service rigs with broadband Internet and telephone services, to improve communications between field crews and customers for progress reporting on fracturing, rig and well performance data. This capability provides you with a competitive edge through operations that have reliable communications regardless of the location of the service rig.

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