Being CONNECTED during a natural, man-made, or civil disaster can be the difference between living and surviving.  When your family or business is preparing, let the experienced team at Network Innovations guide you through our portfolio of satellite connected handset and Wi-Fi devices.  Flexibility is the option to own or rent a unit to fit your lifestyle and plans.

If you already have a satellite connected device be sure to test your handset making sure you have the latest firmware, batteries are charged and the unit is ready for use.

Hurricane Season Officially Begins 1 June 2019 in the Atlantic Ocean Region!

Now is the time to protect your family and your business – before the hurricane hits. Network Innovations sells a complete line of satellite connected equipment, but did you know we also rent satellite handsets and Wi-Fi enabled terminals? Prepare yourself with backup communications during this year’s hurricane season by renting a satellite phone. At less than $10 per day, our Iridium rental phones represent a small price to pay for peace of mind. Buy only as much airtime as you need. Satellite Push-to-Talk radios, BGAN Satellite Wi-Fi terminals, and VSAT systems also are available for rent. Visit Network Innovations today to reserve your backup communications system for the upcoming hurricane season!

Learn more about Network Innovations rental services for disaster connectivity.

Avoid service failure, stay connected and Communicate. Anywhere. Look to Network Innovations connectivity solutions for emergency preparedness. 

2019 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Names

Andrea Humberto Olga
Barry Imelda Pablo
Chantal Jerry Rebekah
Dorian Karen Sebastien
Erin Lorenzo Tanya
Fernand Melissa Van
Gabrielle Nestor Wendy

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Hurricane season runs for more than six months each year, from June through the end of October and in many cases, hurricanes have occurred well into December. Don’t wait until the hurricane hits to secure your emergency communications. Once the storm appears, you have so many things to prepare have peace of mind knowing your communication/connectivity plans are ready. Your local cell-phone system is likely to be overwhelmed. If the power is out, your landline won’t work. Your best solution for maintaining contact during an emergency is a satellite connectivity package from Network Innovations.

Satellite Connectivity Provides Peace of Mind.

Both personally and professionally a satellite phone will ensure the lines of communication are working when you need them the most. Be prepared to protect your family and business during any emergency by purchasing or renting a satellite connected device from Network Innovations. Satellite phones and Wi-Fi hotspots from Inmarsat and Iridium allow you to maintain voice, text, and data to anyone anywhere around the world. The powerful batteries in these phones can last as long as a day and a half without recharging!

If you already have a satellite handset, be sure to test your satellite phone to ensure it is working properly.

Satellite Terminals Ensure Business Continuity.

If your business depends on the Internet for connectivity and data sharing with your customers, you should consider a VSAT or BGAN terminal as a backup plan.  Maintain business continuity with a dedicated satellite terminal from Network Innovations. We’ll match your needs perfectly. BGAN terminals provide you with instant connectivity for sending voice, data, and text around the world.  Want more power? Our proprietary MAVERICK VSAT Service offers flexible, efficient, scalable coverage using the latest in satellite technology. There’s no reason to let your business go dark when the storm hits!

Network Innovations offers a variety of satellite communications solutions with promotions tailored for hurricane preparedness

• We have a guaranteed rental availability program
• Accessories and docking stations for Inmarsat handheld phones
• Full selection on Iridium phones.

Choose wisely, choose satellite and
Communicate. Anywhere.