SOLAS Chapter II-2 Regulation 10.10.4 – (SAILOR 3965 Fire Fighter Radio)

Over the next few months, maritime communication channels will be filled with notices announcing SOLAS (Safety of Lives at Sea) regulation changes and asking if you are ready.  What is the new SOLAS regulation and what does it mean to me? – are probably just a few of the questions ship operators and owners are asking themselves.  Let’s explore the new regulation to gain a better understanding what the Maritime Safety Committee resolution means, who it impacts and what are your options.

What is SOLAS Chapter II-2 Regulation:

Back in 2012, the Maritime Safety Committee first introduced Resolution MSC.338(91) among which included Chapter II-2 “Fire Protection, Fire Detection and Fire Extinction” specifically the use of suitable radio communication equipment.  At the time of the first resolution, no specific rules regarding radio specifics were noted.  Over the years, the safety committee realized that ship-board fires were particularly dangerous especially coordinating activities between teams in affected spaces and crew members located outside the affected areas.  The purpose of SOLAS Chapter II-2 10.10.4 regarding firefighting is to suppress and swiftly extinguish a fire in the space of origin (2017, IMO).

What does SOLAS Chapter II-2 Mean to Me:

Unless your vessel was built before 1 July 2014, the new regulation does not impact you.  For all ship types built on or after 1 July 2014, the new regulations will have impact and owner/operators should review the regulation changes for compliance.  Looking over the Chapter II-2 10.10.4 changes, the regulation uses the term “All-Ships”, irrespective of type, constructed on or after 1 July 2012.  Does this mean every floating boat needs to have fire radios and adhere to this updated regulation?  No, but every vessel should have some sort of safety apparatus whether it is an extinguisher or communication device that can connect anywhere.

What next:

With so much information flowing on the new regulations, many owner/operators might become overwhelmed reading through the volumes of published materials.  The maritime team at Network Innovations (NI) understands the new regulations, how they impact, and what options are available; options not only for SOLAS but for all your maritime safety and communication concerns. You have questions, the NI team has answers.  Talk to us!