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Powering the International News Force – SNG Technology for Ultra Modern Journalism around the World – Satellite 2016 Session

Network Innovations’ VP Media Sales will be a panelist at the 2016 Satellite Show at the Gaylord National Convention Center March 9, 2016.  Join the panel including moderator Jimmy Schaeffler (The Carmel Group), Cristi Damian (Advantech Wireless), David Hershberg (STS Global), Stephen Tunnicliffe (iDirect), and John Stoltz (Network Innovations) at 2:15 PM in the Baltimore Room 1 & 2 as the panel discusses how social media and digital connectivity is evolving journalism, creating instant access demand for news and information furthering the need and development of throughput-powered satellite news-gathering technology.  In the forefront of this panel,” how Satellite is changing the art of rapid-response journalism” not only with the value of New Ka- and Ku-band space but also lowering the costs of production.

Satellite 2016 March 9, 2016 Session