Sentinel Vehicle Mount VSAT System

The GD Sentinel Auto Acquire Vehicle Mount VSAT Systems from Network Innovations is ideally suited for mobile VSAT satellite communications.

Vehicle mount VSAT applications include oilfield services, satellite news gathering, disaster response, search and rescue, business continuity, fire management, first responders and mobile office applications.

  • General Dynamics

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This stow-mobile VSAT terminal provides immediate Internet and Broadband access on multiple satellite platforms worldwide. Delivered complete and ready for quick installation, Sentinel terminals can be activated in minutes providing fast, reliable Ku-band communications anywhere. Combined with VSAT Internet connections from Network Innovations, you are enabled with rapid deployment of voice and data communications at the push of a button.


Key Capabilities

  • High strength molded Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) reflector
  • Rapid deployment
  • Single push-button automatic satellite acquisition
  • Automatic polarization alignment (HNS modem)
  • No special test equipment required
  • System is easily installed using common cable materials
  • Vehicle roof mount or transit case configurations

Intelligent Design for Ease of Use

The GD Sentinel Auto Acquire Mobile Satellite System has been built to the highest standards to provide years of reliable service. It has been designed with simplicity in mind: simple to set up, simple to use and simple to maintain.


The GD Sentinel is compatible with HNS and iDirect modems.

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