Using our innovative CommuniCase® Technology, the new HD proven Drive-Away CCT120 is the most advanced satellite terminal to hit the roof. In fact, you don’t even need a dedicated roof. You can mount the same Drive-Away CCT120 to just about any vehicle in your fleet because there’s no cable feed through the roof. With the Drive-Away CCT120, you get a rugged, lightweight, fully enclosed system that deploys quickly and gracefully, so you can transmit your SNG contribution back to base in no time.

With the CCT120, you get a sleek, attractive Ku-band system. Broadcasters like CNN, ABC and BBC have been relying on SWE-DISH Drive-Away systems since 1997 for their speed and ability to keep out sand, dust and water. Now with the innovation of CommuniCase® Technology, they will be able to experience improved flexibility, performance and significant cost advantages.

CCT DA120 CCT DA120 (antenna only)
OPERATIONAL CONDITIONS 60W X-Band 50W Ku-Band 35W Ka-Band Ku-Band
Operating temperature -32°C to +55°C (-25°F to +131°F)
Storage temperature -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F)
Operational wind speed Up to 20 m/s (44.7 mph) Up to 12 m/s (26.8 mph) Up to 20 m/s (44.7 mph)
Operational altitude Up to 3,000 m (9,850 ft)
Sealing class IP65
Operating humidity Up to 100% condensing
Rainfall Max 100 mm/hr (4 in/h)
Polarization Circular, reversible X-pol linear, co-pol option Circular, reversible X-pol linear, co-pol option
Azimuth range ± 175°
Elevation range 10° to 90°
Weight 65 kg (142.9 lb.) 63 kg (138.9 lb) 60 Kg (132.3 lb)
Dimensions 161 x 131 x 38 cm (63.5 x 51.4 x 14.8 in) when stowed
Certifications SkyNET (X-band); Eutelsat type approved (EA-V057); Intelsat type approved (GVF/ IA201AAA); CE Certified according to 1999/5/EC R&TTE and 2006/42/EC Machinery Directives
EIRP 54.2 dBW @ P1dB 57.7 dBW @ P1B 59.0 dBW @ Pmax lin Depends on HPA
Transmit frequency (GHz) 7.9 to 8.4 13.75 to 14.5 30.0 to 31.0 13.75 to 14.5
Receive frequency (GHz) 7.25 to 7.75 10.7 to 12.75 20.2 to 21.2 10.7 to 12.75
G/T 15.7 dB/K (typ @ midband) at 20° elevation 19.0 dB/K (typ @ midband) at 20° elevation 21.0 dB/K (typ @ midband) at 20° elevation 19.0 dB/K (typ @ midband) at 20° elevation

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