45cm Ultra Portable Ka-Band Flat Panel Terminal (SWARM)


  • 45cm Flat Panel Antenna
  • High Data Rates
  • Total Weight only 14.5kg/32lbs
  • Integrated PIM Baseband
  • Integrated Antenna Mount
  • Rapid Deploy and Stow
  • Full Ka-Band Capability
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Tool-Free Assembly and Alignment
  • Backpack, Hand Carry Case or IATA Checkable Case Options
  • GX, Avanti and Thor 7 Compliant

The Paradigm SWARM is an extremely compact, rugged, lightweight and discreet system providing superior data rates. Complete with stowable legs, the SWARM is fully portable and quick to deploy and stow.

The system is designed around the PIM (Paradigm Interface Module) which hosts a modem for use on both Velocity and Evolution networks and provides on-board monitor and control to manageable terminal components.

The SWARM provides everything needed for straightforward setup and pointing, allowing the user to be operational in less than 5 minutes. This simple, intuitive and tool-free deployment/setup method involves audio and visual pointing aids and provides an effective method of acquiring the satellite without the extra bulk of motors and controllers.

As a single integrated system, the SWARM can withstand harsh environmental conditions. It has comparable performance to a 65cm parabolic antenna and can be assembled and operated in half the height making it more unobtrusive and less affected by wind.

Compared to a parabolic the link budget’s rain margin is also significantly reduced, as the signal passes through the antenna only once, reducing rain attenuation and increasing wet performance. Additionally, the flat panel design sheds water easily and avoids water pooling.

To increase flexibility and adaptability, Paradigm also offers a complete range of interface options. The SWARM is packaged in a single pack which can be carried as airline hand baggage.