Intellian v65

A 65cm Maritime VSAT Antenna System, Ku/Ka-band Convertible, featuring a next generation pedestal, improved RF performance. Designed for time/cost efficient installations, the v65 Maritime VSAT Antenna from Intellian is built for scale offering ability for automated commissioning and remote management.

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Frequency Mobility Delivered

The v65 can be converted from Ku-band operation to Ka- band in as little as 10 minutes through use of a compact, intuitive conversion kit (sold separately).

Superior RF performance

Intellian’s high efficiency RF design delivers superior antenna gain and cross-pol isolation over all other 60cm class systems, enabling higher data rates and enhanced global services.

Get the power you need

The v65 is designed as a flexible communications platform built to meet the unique needs of any customer while maintaining commonality of spare parts. In Ku- band configuration, the system comes standard equipped with NJRC’s 8W EXT Mini BUC, but can also support 4W and 16W variants out of the box. Ka-band configuration includes the NJRC 5W BUC.

Quick and Easy Installation

Shipped without any stow brackets and now featuring external RF cable connections on the radome base, there is no need to remove the radome of the v65 during installation, saving time and cost. Intelian’s Gyro-free satellite search function further simplifies installation by providing the option to track satellites without any input from the ship’s gyro-compass.

Reliability Enhanced

The v65 is built upon the well-proven GX60 stabilized platform, currently in service on ships around the world. Additionally, new motors featuring built-in encorders and enhanced dynamic motor brakes deliver improved tracking precision in a more streamlined mechanical design.

Aptus Remote Management

Aptus, Intellian’s proprietary Management & Control software, enables full remote access and control of the system from any device, anywhere in the world. Available via PC, Web and Mobile, Aptus enhances re-mote diagnostics, automates routine processes, and includes a built in spectrum analyzer. the Aptus API enables easy integration directly with the NOC for total fleet-wide visibility.

Intellian LAN Capability

The Intellian LAN port on the ACU provides easy networking connectivity to other Intellian systems enabling integrated monitoring and control of all Intellian networked devices through a common, intuitive interface.

The v65 System

Technical Specs


Radome Height 104 cm / 40.9”
Radome Diameter 90 cm / 35.5”
Reflector Diameter 65 cm / 25.6”
Weight 60 Kg / 132 lbs

Stabilized Pedestal Assembly

Platform 3-axis / Azimuth, Elevation, Cross-level
Azimuth Range Unlimited
Elevation Range -20° to +115°
Cross-level Range ±37°
Stabilization Accuracy 0.2° peak mis-pointing @ max ship motion condition
Moto Brake System Elevation, Cross-level

Reflector & Feed Assembly

Ku-Band Ka-Band
TX Frequency 13.75~14.5GHz Ku-band 29.00~30GHz Ka-band
TX Gain 37.7 dBi @ Mid band 43.75 dBi @ 29.5GHz
RX Frequency 10.7~12.75 GHz Ku-band 19.2~20.2GHz Ka-band
RX Gain 36.3 dBi @ Mid band 40 dBi @ 19.7GHz
G/T 15.7 dB/K (Clear Sky, 30° Elevation) 17 dB/K (Typ.)
BUC 8W, 16W (Optional) 5W Ka-band BUC
LNB Intellian PLL LNB Ka-band LNB (L.O. 18.25GHz)
Polarization Linear, Cross-pol only Circular, Tx:RHCP / Rx:LHCP

Antenna Control Unit

Dimensions (WxDxH) 43.1cm x 38.0cm x 4.4cm / 17” x 15” x 1.7”
Weight 3.5kg / 7.7lbs
Display 2 line 40 character graphic VFD module
Gyrocompass Interface NMEA0183 / NMEA2000
Modem Interface Ethernet port / RS-232C / I/O ports
Modem Protocol iDirect, Comtech, SatLink, Hughes, GILAT
Remote Management Yes
Wi-Fi Operation Yes
Management Port Yes
Intellian LAN Port Yes
Power Requirement 100~240V AC, 50~60 Hz, 4A

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