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XpressLink integrates the industry leading FleetBroadband service with our VSAT service to give you a solution with increased performance and flexibility – and unlimited data.
  • Inmarsat
  • Fax
  • Hi-Data
  • Low-Data
  • SMS
  • Voice

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XpressLink from Network Innovations is the most advanced maritime communication service available today on the Inmarsat satellite network. Dynamically switching between Ku and L-band networks, XpressLink provides ultra reliable communications for fleets around the globe. It’s a fully-managed, totally integrated, high speed service from Inmarsat, the world’s leading mobile satellite provider. A resilient solution that switches effortlessly between the FleetBroadband and VSAT service to deliver seamless connectivity and keep vessels in touch with their land offices, each other, family and friends. Two networks, one solution, one fixed monthly broadband fee – and unlimited data.

XpressLink Overview

  • Combined Ku and L-band delivering 99.9% satellite availability
  • Broadband speeds of up to 768Kbps
  • Choice of affordable fixed monthly tariffs
  • Free upgrade to future-proofed Global Xpress in 2014
  • XpressLink ShipBook – online portal and applications
  • XpressLink G5 Unit – a single, integrated below deck unit

If you’re at sea, you need global communication networks that you can rely on. XpressLink effectively gives you two networks, switching seamlessly to FleetBroadband’s L-band if VSAT’s Ku-band signal is interrupted.

Better for Business
With global coverage and download speeds of up to 768Kbps, XpressLink helps you to keep constant track of your vessels. You can also send and receive emails and large files instantly, making it easier to plan safer, faster, more fuel-efficient routes.  High speed communications enables you to provide remote assistance and diagnostics by telephone, internet and video, so that you can solve issues quickly – and improve the operational effectiveness of your fleet.

You can get online software and service status updates through the online portal, XpressLink ShipBook. You can easily upgrade hardware too, and since the equipment is leased you won’t have to invest in new terminals.

Better for Crews
It’s important for mariners to keep in touch. And not just with land offices. XpressLink’s broad bandwidth allows you to easily stay up-to-date and offers real-time connectivity: crews can use smartphones, laptops and tablets to wirelessly read the news, contact friends and family, and access social media tools.

Seamless Transition to Future Technology

XpressLink is the system for tomorrow as well as today. Sign up to XpressLink and you will double your bandwidth speeds when Global Xpress becomes available in 2014 – for free.  The next generation Inmarsat-5 satellites will use new high-frequency Ka-band beams to deliver up to 50 Mbps to a 60cm antenna. These new satellites will ensure industry-leading availability and be complemented by Inmarsat’s existing L-band network, which will still be running into the 2020s. In short, XpressLink is a safe, scalable long-term investment. With a simple pricing model and seamless upgrade to Global Xpress in 2014, XpressLink is tailored for those who want leading technology, proven reliability and exceptional coverage, without hidden costs.

The XpressLink Package

  • Fully-integrated Ku-Band and L-Band global satellite service
  • VSAT and FleetBroadband terminals
  • VSAT antenna and electronics rack
  • One public IP address
  • Unlimited data
  • Affordable voice calls
  • Four VSAT and one FleetBroadband voice line with handsets
  • 24/7 online support
  • Maintenance network based in key ports
  • Free upgrade option to Global Xpress

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