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Network Innovations provides Hughes HX & HN VSAT routers for Ka & Ku services in North America.  These highly reliable and cost effective options are ideal for a variety of applications including oil & gas or mining camp communications, SCADA/M2M operations, and emergency backup/disaster recovery services.

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Hughes HN and HX VSAT systems are the most advanced and widely deployed around the world. Utilizing geostationary satellite coverage the comprehensive family of Hughes broadband solutions deliver broadband IP services. Hughes systems support a wide variety of applications, from high-speed Internet/intranet access, to video conferencing, to voice (VoIP), and adhere to industry standards for voice, video, and serial data protocols. Hughes broadband satellite systems are compliant with IPoS, including DVB-S2 with Adaptive Coding Modulation (ACM) for reliable connectivity.

Depending upon your specific requirements, frequency band (Ku or Ka) and geographic location within the Galaxy 16 or ANIK F2 footprint, Network Innovations utilizes the following HNS routers which operate on commercial grade HN & HX Hub platforms:

HN9260 – The Hughes HN9260 is a high-performance, dual Ka-/Ku-band broadband satellite router designedhn router 9460 to cost-effectively satisfy a wide range of high-speed connectivity requirements for consumer, small office/home office, enterprise, and government markets. Fully compatible with the Hughes HN System family, the HN9260 incorporates advanced modulation and coding among other performance and efficiency-enhancing features to deliver even the most demanding bandwidth-intensive applications affordably.

HN9460 – The Hughes HN9460 is a dual Ka-/Ku-band broadband satellite router designed for high-throughput satellite applications. The HN9460 incorporates advanced LDPC coding and other features, making it the ideal platform to deliver bandwidth intensive services on Ka- and Ku-band satellites, while being future-proof for next- generation, high-throughput systems.

HX90 – The HX90 is a high-throughput and highly scalable satellite router that enables  cost-effective satellite broadband services over Ku- and Ka-band networks. Supporting up to 60 Mbps of multicast traffic throughput, 45 Mbps of UDP throughput or 15 Mbps of TCP throughput, the HX90 delivers exceptional performance. The HX90 includes the full suite of HX System Quality of Service (QoS) features.hx-sat-routers

HX200 – The HX200 is a high-performance satellite router that provides flexible Quality of Service (QoS) features that can be tailored to the network applications at each individual remote router, such as Adaptive Constant Bit Rate (CBR) bandwidth assignment to deliver high-quality, low jitter bandwidth for real-time traffic such as Voice over IP (VoIP) or videoconferencing. With integrated IP features including RIPv1, RIPv2, BGP, DHCP, NAT/PAT, and DNS Server/Relay functionality, together with a high-performance satellite modem, the HX200 is a full-featured IP Router with an integrated high-performance satellite router. The HX200 enables high- performance IP connectivity for a variety of applications including cellular backhaul, MPLS extension services, virtual leased line, mobile services and other high-bandwidth solutions.

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