Autopointing Antenna System

Consists of two units: the antenna unit and the ruggedized 19-inch flight case  for the VSAT modem, router and antenna control unit. The carrier of the antenna unit is  specially designed to protect sensitive parts including motor electronics and Tria from transport damages. For transportation, the antenna reflector is protected by a foam cover. Three wheels allow for easy ground transportation of the compact antenna unit. The weight of the antenna alone is below 32 kg.

The Fly & Drive-Away is Easy to Operate and Ready for Transmission Within Only a Few Minutes

After the removal of the reflector cover, connecting the cable tree to the flight  case unit and connecting to the main power supply, the system is operational. No mechanical parts have to be mounted. The pointing is the fully automatic,  Skyhook pointing of the Drive-Away system has extremely rapid alignment.

Skyhook: High Speed Pointing

Skyhook’s applications that result in the rapid alignment of the antenna include:

  • Separate detection and pre-pointing receiver: 
    This unique receiver delivers the signal to the dynamic satellite detection as well as level values for the rough direction of the  antenna at Ka-Sat. This allows the search process to operate  at a 3-fold rotational speed in comparison to the standard  search process.
  • Beam Extension: 
    To ensure that the satellite is found in the first scan, the opening angle of the search beams is extended by use of Ku-band signals.
  • Optimized fine alignment:
    New algorithms take the previous rough alignment into account and thus speed up the process.

System Description

  • Auto-deploy system based on the Viasat Surfbeam 72cm consumer terminal. Single optic front fed offset, 1 piece, metallic reflector.
  • Integrated Viasat TRIA (feed, BUC, OMT, LNB and polarization switch), circular polarization. BUC: maximum rating 4 Watt.
  • Maximum Allowed EIRP:
    27.2 dBW/40kHz for digital carriers transmitted at the 18 dB/K satellite receive contour of Ka-sat § 6.1 refers).

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