For teams on move in media, exploration or disaster relief, the IPCopter is a ideal solution for portability and performance.  The weight of the entire VSAT antenna unit is only 32kg. The Fly & Drive Away is very easy to use and ready to use within a few minutes. 

The fully automatic alignment to the satellite is based on the Skyhook IPcopter pointing method. From unpacking to online status usually pass less than 10minutes.

  • Extremely high pointing accuracy through automation of the high precision manual pointing process, supported by a specific motor control electronics.
  • Pointing speed increased by use of smartphone sensors like GPS and compass.
  • Simple operation
  • High reliability and excellent service support by remote control and upgrade capabilities (software upgrade server implemented)
  • Cost efficient solution

IPCopter Applications

  • Media – Satellite News Gathering
  • Exploration Teams – Mining or Oil & Gas
  • NGO & AID Organizations – Disaster Relief Projects
  • Public Safety – First Responders, Fire Management, Disaster Relief

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