Providing a 1.2m auto-deploy drive-away terminal for Ku-band VSAT communications, the EXPLORER 7120 is a high performance and versatile antenna that will fit virtually any vehicle or trailer.  The EXPLORER 7120 can be configured with any of Network Innovations Ku VSAT offerings.

EXPLORER 7120Field Communication

EXPLORER 7120 provides crucial Internet connectivity for a diverse user base including Oilfield Service, Defence, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, Media, Telemedicine, Insurance, Remote Office and Mining.

Compact and Low-Profile

EXPLORER 7120 provides a compact, low-profile and cost-effective motorized VSAT antenna ideal for use on a wide range of vans or trailers.  The included mounting pallet comes with an optional roof rack or rail interface for further installation flexibility, so regardless of your vehicle type, with EXPLORER 7120 drive-away VSAT you are ready to connect the moment you arrive on scene.

High Precision Auto-Deploy

EXPLORER 7120’s one-touch antenna controller makes it easy to use and simple to configure. The controller is equipped with a built-in RF Tuner, Compass, GPS, and inclined orbit satellite tracking for precise and flexible positioning wherever you are and whatever vehicle you are in.

Web Interface

You can easily configure and remotely monitor EXPLORER 7120’s satellite auto-acquisition via the user-friendly, graphical user interface (GUI) on a standard web browser – no need for a separate display.  Straightforward monitoring with EXPLORER 7120’s TracLRI Live Remote Interface means you can check satellite performance easily – by PC, tablet or smartphone – ensuring your ability to stay connected.

System Features:

  • Rugged, Reliable 1.2m Ku-band Drive-Away Antenna
  • Low stow height of 38 cm (15”)
  • Solid Resin Fiber Composite Reflector: High EIRP, High- Performance
  • Mechanical Drive systems including Zero-Backlash Az/El Cable Drive, and Precision Polarization Drive
  • WR-75 Flex WaveGuide to BUC interface
  • Inclined orbit satellite tracking
  • Manual override capability for emergency use

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