• Simple Rapid Deployment, No Tools Required
  • Patented Auto AQYR™ Acquisition Algorithm
  • Packs in a Single IATA-Compliant Case
  • Minimal User Training Required
  • Simple, Integrated, Intuitive User Interface
  • User Configurable Satellite Settings
  • Remote Graphical User Interface (GUI) Available
  • Modem agnostic

AQYR’s TYPHOON Auto Acquire SATCOM Terminal delivers lightning fast acquisition in one rugged case. Leveraging the innovation and technology developed and deployed since 2007 with elite military Special Operation Forces, the TYPHOON is the next-generation of rapidly deployable satellite communication terminals. TYPHOON is comprised of a lightweight carbon fiber reflector, patented auto positioner, and compact integrated RF components. The terminal is fully operable from the auto positioner or can be accessed through a remote GUI to manage network profiles and view real-time updates. TYPHOON is designed to be modem and satellite service agnostic but offers significant system-level integration with MAVERICK approved Newtec modems.

TYPHOON features the patented AutoAQYR™ software, which provides step-change capability in  auto-acquisition of Ku-Band signals. The AutoAQYR algorithms allow for acquisition at a carrier-service level, peaking on transponder signals at a much higher level than other platforms in the market. Using the simplistic network profile configuration, the system peaks directly on the assigned transponder and carrier characteristics for the specific network service, providing higher signal gain and better network performance.