SATRAD MSAT G2 System Enclosures

NI designed enclosures for portable deployment of SATRAD G2; or for fixed site, EOC or radio tower installations.

Two models of portable kits are provided.  The GO-KIT enables integration of a LMR repeater and NI's Matrix MIS interface for cross-band bridging of a LMR repeater to the SATRAD satellite transceiver and network.

The Wall Mount Kit is ideal for in-building installations to house the G2 configuration in mountable enclosure with battery backup.

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SATRAD Rapid Deploy Kit

The SATRAD Rapid Deploy Kit (RDK) provides the SATRAD Mobile System configured in a modular kit that includes the transceiver and handset, tracking antenna with magnetic mount and all cabling.  The kit supports operation from either 12 volt DC or 110 AC power. The system features an integrated AC/DC power supply, cooling fan and a watertight shipping enclosure for all the equipment.  The RDK has been designed for scenarios where SATRAD systems are shared amongst groups, moved from vehicle to vehicle, or is to be deployed to remote sites via airplane/helicopter as an emergency backup kit.


The SATRAD GO-Kit is a rugged watertight case containing the SATRAD transceiver, antenna with magnetic mounts, antenna cabling, handset, external speaker, a robust AC – DC power supply and cables, vital status monitoring indicators, an optional internal battery with an internal intelligent battery charger, A battery interlock is provided to prevent inadvertent battery discharge whilst the GO-Kit is in storage.

Additionally, the GO-Kit can power two 12 volt DC accessories such as GPS trackers and each GO-Kit includes an integrated 10 watt audio amplifier, which may be used with an external speaker.  GO-Kits are provided with an integral document tray and components are positioned to support easy field level replacement. The GO-Kit can optionally include a SATRAD Mobile Integration System for cross band interface to land mobile radios.

SATRAD Wall Mount Kit

The SATRAD Wall Mount Kit is designed for deployment in Emergency Operations Centres, hospitals, communication sheds and other locations where a robust enclosure with integrated UPS capabilities are required. The Wall Mount Kit features an integrated AC power supply, an intelligent battery charger and a battery.  In the event of the loss of facility power, the system will automatically transition the satellite transceiver to the battery without impacting the communications service.

The Wall Mount Kit has status indicators on the front panel to provide information on the input AC supply, the state of the battery and voltage levels.  Each unit includes a transient suppressor on the antenna connector and an illuminated on/off switch.  The cabinets feature a locking door and are flanged for easy installation.  The unit has been designed to permit easy replacement of the transceiver without the need for tools.

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