The SATRAD-CIS (Command Integration System) provides integration of SATRAD with your existing dispatch console. The CIS enables dispatchers to operate the SATRAD system consistent with terrestrial mobile radio operations.  The CIS automatically performs channel acquisition and manages backhaul handshaking transparent to the dispatcher.  The dispatcher simply “pushes to talk”, and the CIS immediately begins to record the message while simultaneously managing the channel selection and acquisition.  Once the channel is available, message transmission begins.

The CIS will manage channel arbitration, so if the channel is busy with an incoming message, the dispatchers outgoing message will be queued until the channel becomes available.  Multi-channel operation enables the dispatcher to switch between channels without delay, sending messages to each channel as required.  The CIS will maintain the respective message queues and deliver each message to the correct destination.

The CIS is a rackmount system that includes a stabilized power supply for the SATRAD unit with options for; a 12/24 VDC interface, EIA tone remote signalling, analog signalling, DTMF signalling, half-duplex semi-half duplex and full-duplex operation, a PTT microphone for dispatch operators and telephone handset for both PSTN and PTT calls.