Quicklink TX

The Quicklink TX, is a 19-inch 1U rack mounted hardware solution that converts Skype calls into a professional quality video/audio signal.

Enjoy professional audio and video calls, Skype feeds converted into broadcast formats: HD-SDI Video output/input, balanced audio output/input, auto aspect ratio conversion, and even integrate with Dante Audio over I.P solution.

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Group Video Calling

Technology from Kinetic Pixel has now enabled the Quicklink TX’s call management to add many more callers into the conversation, taking a caller out of vision, accepting a new caller on a particular channel, and then bringing that caller back into vision. This has major advantages over scan converting a group video call. As well as all the benefits of Quicklink TX, the caller arrangement and prominence of a given caller can be carefully managed by production, rather than left to Skype’s in-built behavior which can often change focus to a different caller if there is a lot of background noise.

Inbuilt Dante Solution

The Quicklink/Audinate partnership allows the user to integrate the Microsoft Skype TX solution with the added value of inbuilt audio over IP technology. Using the Dante patent pending networking audio solution in the Quicklink TX ensures that users have optimal communication between Dante enabled devices and the Quicklink TX.

Key Features

  • Stackable 1U shallow rack mount server with touch screen display
  • Integration with Dante Audio over I.P solution
  • XLR audio via optional 26 Pin breakout cable
  • Tally option
  • Quiet running fans to use in low noise environments
  • Remote management port
  • Call output in full frame HD-SDI with SDI embedded (or balanced audio, optional)
  • HD-SDI video input with embedded SDI audio (or balanced audio optional)
  • Video and audio are free from notifications and adverts
  • Aspect ratio conversion
  • Front and back venting allows for stacking multiple units
  • Free support via web portal and FAQ section


Rear view of the Quicklink TX

 Rear view of Quicklink TX

How Skype TX Fits into the Studio

How Skype Fits into the Studio

Skype-TX Quicklink Technical Specifications



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