The RST100 provides reliable and convenient global telecommunications access voice, data & messaging services via the Iridium satellite network.

Standard telephone service features are available using the RST100 including such services features as Call Forwarding, Call Barring, Voicemail, Autodial and Speed dial.

The RST100 can be easily integrated into a PBX system using the RJ11 connection, enabling calls to be made or received from any extension within a building. In-building integration is ideal for lower cost satellite calling as well as emergency backup.

The RJ11/POTS interface emulates PSTN features and is equipped with off-hook detection, configurable Ring, Busy & Dial service tones. The RST100 supports long runs of standard copper telephone wire & multiple extensions can be connected to the terminal over distances up to 1000m.

The terminal is capable of being programmed to pre-empt such dialling codes as the international access of “00” country codes and or area codes. The intelligent number processing is ideal for various applications to enable easy use by any user. Call barring & restricted dialling within certain countries or area codes can also be configured.

The optional Intelligent Handset, RST970, provides voice and SMS communications. The handset is compact, lightweight, easy to install and comes complete with hang-up cup and inbuilt ringer. The unit supports full SMS functionality as well as an easy menu system to access phone settings.

POTS/RJ11 Support & Connectivity

  • SMS-POTS Fixed Handsets
  • Standard Phone Handsets
  • Answering Machines
  • Cordless Phones
  • External Ringers
  • PBX Integration to analog line
  • Supports over 1000m / 3000′ cable run
  • RJ11 Tone Configuration – Configurable Ring Tones, Dial Tones, Busy Tones, Message Waiting Stutter Dial Tones
  • Fixed SMS-POTS – Configurable SMS-POTS Delivery Options
  • POTS PBX /PABX Integration – Configurable for multi line access, Analog line connection, Standard local type dialling sequences
  • POTS / RJ11 Dialling – Standard Dialling Sequences, Standard Dial tones Presented, Complies to Country Specific Standards
  • Phone Number Processing – Pre-emptive dialling, Configurable dialling prefix
  • RJ11/POTS Specialised Features – Configurable Off hook idle time out, Configurable DTMF sensing, Inactivity Timer, Power Saving Modes, Configurable SMS Waiting “DING”

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