Iridium 9575 To Go Kit – Yellow

The Iridium Extreme ToGoKit comes with all the basic accessories that fit inside a watertight, crush proof and dust proof case. The Extreme ToGo Kit comes with custom foam to hold the handset and accessories when not in use. The pelican case is a Pelican 1200 and is built sturdy using an open cell core with solid wall design. The case is strong, yet lightweight. It features easy open double throw latches, stainless steel hardware, and an automatic pressure equalization valve.

  • Iridium
  • Low-Data
  • SMS
  • Voice

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Iridium Extreme™ is built with the same reliable voice and data capability that users have come to trust from the only real mobile, real global satellite communications company in the world. But Iridium Extreme™ doesn’t stop there. More Features Than Any Other Iridium Extreme™ is engineered with more features than ever before and more accessories than any other satellite phone on the market, providing people with even more ways to connect.

  • GPS-enabled location-based services
  • Online tracking
  • Customized solutions enabled for diverse markets
  • Accessories to create instant Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Certified S.E.N.D. by Search and Rescue Regulating Body (RTCM)
  • Reliable two-way global coverage
  • Toughest military-grade designed satellite handset ever built

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