Intellian GX100

Internet at sea for all of your data requirements for captain and crew.

The GX60 is a compact maritime stabilized terminal ready-to-use on Inmarsat’s high speed, Global Xpress (GX) broadband service.

Built and supplied with an integrated GX modem the GX60 installs easily and delivers high speed connectivity in no time.

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  • SAILOR FleetBroadband 500

    The Cobham SAILOR 500 FleetBroadband is the Flagship of the market leading Inmarsat FleetBroadband portfolio and is designed to meet the voice and data communication needs of maritime professionals globally. Speeds up to 432 kbps bring the broadband experience to the oceans. With this much bandwidth available SAILOR 500 FleetBroadband enables the use of secure VPNs and custom IP applications

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    • Cobham
    • Fax
    • Hi-Data
    • SMS
    • Voice

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  • DMR-800D_XL

    Note: Product discontinued – please see IDP Section for alternatives.

    The SkyWave DMR-800 series Inmarsat IsatM2M/D+ terminals from Network Innovations set the industry standard for reliable burst-messaging satellite communications with low total cost of ownership. The IsatM2M/D+ network operates over Inmarsat’s high quality international satellite constellation, for mobile and stationary asset security and management applications deployed anywhere in the world.

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    • Skywave

  • idirect x1

    Reliable, VSAT IP connectivity for SCADA & M2M applications.

    The Evolution® X1 Outdoor is ideal for use in outdoor networks such as SCADA, femtocells and pipeline monitoring.

    The X1 Outdoor features DVB-S2/ACM and Adaptive TDMA, geo-redundancy, VLAN functionality, optional AES encryption and is embedded in an IP67 weatherproof enclosure enabling an extended temperature range, passive cooling and multiple power options, including DC.

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  • IsatPhone2 Antenna Angled

    The IsatPhone 2 operates on the Inmarsat satellite network.

    Features fast network registration, high environmental rating, built-in E-compass, GPS tracking and an emergency button.

    Operates over Inmarsat’s global I-4 satellite network, ensuring reliable call stability and seamless roaming worldwide.

    (Please note all pricing on this page is US Dollars, for local pricing please CONTACT us)

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    • Inmarsat
    • Low-Data
    • SMS
    • Voice


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