SAILOR Platinum Plus VMS Package

The Sailor Platinum Plus Package Solution is Network Innovations new generation tracking solution.  The package specifically designed for fishing vessels is a dedicated maritime/VMS tracking and safety system, providing global tracking, messaging as well as maritime distress calling and reception by the INMARSAT-C network to the nearest Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC).

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  • SATRAD-H2 front (2)

    SATRAD-H2 is designed to support push-to-talk (PTT) and PSTN telephone calls on the MSAT satellite network with SATRAD MSAT G2 Transceivers.

    The H2 includes an external speaker to optimize volume in environments with ambient noise.

    Fully approved by Ligado (LightSquared) for operation on the MSAT network.

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  • Iridium Edge Terminal

    Iridium Edge™ is a cost-effective satellite IoT (M2M) communications device that can be rapidly deployed and complements terrestrial-based solutions to create worldwide connectivity. Iridium provides global IoT/M2M coverage for the most remote and inaccessible areas of the world.  Add more value to: Fleet Management, Telematics, Safety, and other remote monitoring applications.

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    • Iridium
    • Low-Data
    • SMS

  • IDP-782_04

    The IDP-782 is an integrated, dual-mode (satellite/cellular) communications terminal that delivers connectivity to assets in fleet management applications moving in and out of cellular range.

    Fleet managers get the best of both worlds—lower cost data transmission in areas with cellular coverage, and reliable, always-on satellite communications over the Inmarsat IsatData Pro satellite network when your cellular network is unavailable.

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