The Thrane TT-3080A Capsat® Messenger includes a folding, high-gain antenna with integrated compass and audible signal strength indicator for easy setup, use and satellite tracking. This antenna can be deployed up to 200 meters from the transceiver unit. TT-3080A also comes with a rugged carrying bag with separate space for cables, batteries and other accessories. Optional DECT telephone unit and STU-IIB/STU-III compatibility are also available.


  • High speed data transmission up to 64kbps lets you browse the internet, connect to a Local or Wide Area Network, transfer images, transmit video, and broadcast quality voice data
  • Standard Mini-M voice, fax and data transmissions (2.4 kbps)
  • Access to the Inmarsat Mobile Packet Data Services
  • Easy setup and customization with included configuration software
  • Multi-language support (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and German available)
  • 9.5 V -20 VDC power supply
  • Multiple interfaces: Euro ISDN, USB RJ-11, CMCIA, RS-232E, and and audio ports for headphones and line input
  • Optional DECT handset unit
  • Optional STU-IIB/STU-III service
  • Optional antenna for fixed installations

Gan Services

The TT-3080 Series operate on the Inmarsat GAN (Global Area Network). The services supported by GAN include:

High Speed Services (64 Kbps)

  • 64 Kbps UDI (ISDN)
  • 56 Kbps data (ISDN)/li>
  • Speech (Voice calls)
  • 3.1 kHz audio
  • MPDS (Mobile Packet Data Service)

Low Speed Services (2.4 Kbps)

  • mini-M voice, fax and data