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SATRAD MSAT G2 Command & Mobile System

SATRAD provides reliable push-to-talk communications across North America.  Ideal for Public Safety users to extend two-way radio coverage across the continent.

Provides the basis for interoperable communications amongst public safety agencies via SMART talk groups.

SATRAD G2 systems are available for both fixed site deployment at dispatch or emergency operations centers, or for in vehicle installations or portable kits.

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SATRAD Benefits

  • Reliable Push-to-Talk Radio across North America – Utilizing the Ligado Networks MSAT network, SATRAD provides continent wide two-way radio service to augment your radio network and provide reliable coverage for PTT communications wherever your requirements take you.
  • Interoperability  – Your own talk groups and SMART talk groups allow interoperable communications amongst public safety agencies at the federal, state, county or municipal level.  Connects law enforcement, first responders, fire fighters and emergency management users.
  • Fast Deployment and Easy Integration – There’s no network to build, simply turn on your device and start using the network.  Bridging and cross-banding options provide easy integration with existing VHF/UHF repeaters, dispatch console systems and GPS mapping applications.

SATRAD Command System

g2 basic configThe SATRAD Command System is the core base station for your dispatch operations.  It provides two-way radio communications, allowing one user to talk to multiple users, or users can conduct private one to one conversations.  The SATRAD service is a cost-effective alternative to installing, maintaining, and relocating land-based two-way radio communications systems. The SATRAD network acts much the same as a radio tower, turning the entire continent into a single cell that transmits signals to and receives signals from subscribers on the ground.  SATRAD supports Talk Groups to which sets of users may subscribe, analogous to radio channels on traditional land mobile radio. Each SATRAD system can support up to 15 Talk Groups.  Each talk group can include as many as 10,000 members.

SATRAD Mobile System

SATRAD Equipped Emergency Vehicle

The SATRAD Mobile System provides communications back to the Command System and to other Mobile Systems.  The system can be mounted in any type of vehicle from a police cruiser to an ambulance or a mobile command center, or in special SATRAD System Enclosures for portable or fixed mounted applications.

SATRAD Mobile Systems are subscribed to Talk Groups and users may also access a Talk Group from the PSTN or dial-out from a Talk Group to the PSTN.  Designed for use on the Ligado Networks Network, SATRAD supports North America-wide Push-to-Talk Two-Way Radio & Circuit Switched Voice communications.

The SATRAD Mobile System is comprised of  a transceiver with mounting bracket, power cable, handset, tracking antenna and cabling.

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