New generation Inmarsat mini-C VMS & tracking solution.

The Cobham SAILOR 6140 mini-C Maritime from Network Innovations is a sophisticated, fully approved dedicated Vessel Management System (VMS) and tracking terminal. The system is a single, self-contained and sealed terminal, housing both antenna and transceiver. This design approach has proven to be rugged and reliable especially for use aboard the harsh environment of a professional fishing vessel and with the terminal’s 50 channel GPS module and high gain omni-directional antenna, satellite fix and position are ensured even under the most adverse conditions.

It is mandatory in over 40 countries for fishing vessels to carry satellite tracking equipment and with over 18,000 Cobham units already installed, the SAILOR 6140 mini-C Maritime is built upon a strong foundation.

With the SAILOR 6140 mini-C you can be sure that you are meeting requirements through a wide range of functionality, including: Data Reporting, Polling, Vessel Monitoring System, GeoFencing and Two-Way Messaging. Additional functionality including auxiliary control, power control and signal loss control have also been integrated with the SAILOR 6140 mini-C Maritime to ensure that should there be an issue and the system stops reporting, you will know about it immediately.

  • Designed for extreme environments
  • Provides all functionality needed to meet requirements
  • Single sealed unit for reliability and simple installation
  • Integrates with the innovative touchscreen SAILOR 6006 Message Terminal
  • Uses ThraneLINK, a new state-of-the-art network protocol