Professional Grade

Global operations require reliable connectivity regardless of rough ocean conditions or remote location. Whether for critical services such as telemedicine and remote technical support, or simply to improve crew morale by providing a means to connect with family and friends, the FB500 is capable of providing the level of connectivity required to keep your operation moving forward.

Expand Your Enterprise

With simultaneous voice & data capability and Multi-voice functionality, crew members can stay connected with family and up-to-date on the latest sports scores, ensuring strong morale aboard any vessel throughout even the most challenging offshore passages.

With the FB500’s improved speeds up to 432Kbps and additional features, such as VPN functionality and Push-to-Talk connectivity over standard smart phones, global businesses can realize the efficiencies of bringing their offshore assets into the corporate IT infrastructure.

Sync reports and personnel documentation to ERP systems, transmit updated passenger and crew manifests on the fly, and track resources in real time: these are just a few of the capabilities unlocked by the FB500 terminal, making it an essential tool for any global offshore operation.

 Built-in Wi-Fi

With the standard built-in Wi-Fi feature, the web- based user interface can be accessed via any web browser including Wi-Fi enabled smartphones via the FB500’s secure Wi-Fi (WLAN). The Wi-Fi connection also offers wireless Push-to-Talk (PTT) service to smartphone users using free PTT apps downloadable from smartphone (e.g. Zello) without having to add any additional hardware to the terminal.

Matching dome solutions

FB500 ships with an Intellian i6 dome as a standard, but various dome sizes are also available to match an Intellian t80W, t110W, t130W domes. Now you can select a perfectly matched dome for the best and balanced appearance on your vessel.

Intellian FB 500 Systems Diagram

Reliable hardware

Operating on the Inmarsat FleetBroadband Satellite Systems and reliable mechanic construction approved to Intellian standards, you can be confident of both the quality of the equipment and the support behind it.

IP Handset

The rugged new plug-and-play IP Handset provides an intuitive user interface with a 2” TFT color screen and mobile phone type keys for making phone calls, texting SMS messages just like on shore.

Simultaneous voice and data access

With 432kbps data rates, FB500 provides simultaneous access to data services, voice and text messaging.