Best Voice Quality Available

In addition to providing extremely reliable data connectivity, Intellian’s FB150 is noted throughout the industry as providing the best voice quality of any FleetBroadband system on the market today. Featuring industry-leading echo cancellation and noise suppression technology, Intellian FB terminals continually receives accolades for louder and clearer voice quality over other FleetBroadband products.

Simultaneous Voice & Data

The FB150 provides simultaneous access to voice, SMS and data services, making it an excellent solution for keeping in touch with work or family wherever your voyage may take you.

Having been extensively tested and type-approved by Inmarsat to operate on their industry-leading FleetBroadband network, you can be confident in both the quality of the equipment and the support behind it.

The FB150 also offers a Multi-voice capability, which allows up to four simultaneous calls to be made through a single terminal. It is integrated into Inmarsat’s core network and delivered with the same outstanding voice quality noted throughout the offshore industry.

Compact Marine FleetBroadband Antenna Systems

Compact antennas and reliable hardware make the Intellian range of FleetBroadband systems the perfect choice for global communications.
A dedicated handset with backlit color LCD makes operation intuitive, while the SOS function offers peace of mind to users at sea. Intellian FleetBroadband systems are approved by Inmarsat for use as part of XpressLink and Global Xpress packages.

Continuous GPS output

The continuous GPS output feature allows GPS data to be sent out via the RS232 port in standard NMEA 0183 format. With the built-in GPS module, the FB150 is able to provide accurate position information to on-board navigation systems such as plotters and radars.

Matching dome solutions

FB150 ships with an Intellian i2 dome as a standard, but various dome sizes are also available to match an Intellian i3, i4 or i6 domes. Now you can select a perfectly matched dome for the best and balanced appearance on your vessel.

Intellian FB 150 Systems Diagram

Reliable hardware

Operating on the Inmarsat FleetBroadband Satellite Systems and reliable mechanic construction approved to Intellian standards, you can be confident of both the quality of the equipment and the support behind it.

IP Handset

The rugged new plug-and-play IP Handset provides an intuitive user interface with a 2” TFT color screen and mobile phone type keys for making phone calls, texting SMS messages just like on shore.

Simultaneous voice and data access

With 150kbps data rates, FB150 provides simultaneous access to data services, voice and text messaging.