BGAN Explorer 710 HDR

The Explorer 710 BGAN from Cobham is the lightest, smallest and fastest Class 1 BGAN terminal to date, with streaming rates up to 650kbp/s.

Portable and reliable Internet connectivity on a near global basis.

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Revolutionizing BGAN and Remote Video Streaming

The Explorer 710 is a game changer for the mobile broadcasting industry. The Explorer 710 is the smallest, lightest and fastest Class 1 BGAN terminal to date, capable of streaming speeds of up to 650 kbps with guaranteed quality of service. The terminal is capable of doubling throughput by bonding multiple terminals via Ethernet, increasing the throughput up to 1 Mbps or higher. The Explorer 710 supports the Higher Data Rate (HDR) service from Inmarsat.

Explorer 710 Video Quality

The outstanding speeds of the Explorer 710 terminal allow for vastly increased quality in video and decreased delivery times. The jump from X-Stream 384Kbp/s to 650kbp/s enables a vast increase in video quality. With multiple Explorer 710 terminals bonded together, it is possible to stream live HD quality video over BGAN.

Explorer 710 Advanced Features

Cobham has decreased the equipment required to do live video streaming by introducing technology that allows the the Explorer 710 to be controlled via smart phone apps. Thanks in part to a large LED display users don’t require a laptop for any part of set-up or configuration of the terminal. Additionally, the Explorer 710 has a built in SIP server and WiFi hotspot, allowing users to check emails, send SMS and make phone calls from their smartphones, via satellite.

Inmarsat BGAN HDR

BGAN HDR Service from Inmarsat is the next step up in speeds from BGAN X-Stream on the Inmarsat I-4 network. The service offers a full channel streaming rate around 650 kbps, with half channel options available. To learn more about BGAN HDR, watch the video from Inmarsat below, as well as our page on BGAN HDR. The Explorer 710 will be the first terminal to use the service.

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