EXPLORER 727 BGAN Vehicular System

The Cobham BGAN Explorer 727 from Network Innovations provide high-speed broadband data transmission on the move. The Explorer 727 turns your vehicle into a mobile communications hub with high-speed data services, telephone, SMS and fax capability on Inmarsat BGAN.

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Broadband On the Move

BGAN Explorer 727The EXPLORER 727 is the fastest and the most versatile on-the-move communication solution available today. The EXPLORER 727 operates on the Inmarsat BGAN service to deliver voice and broadband services to 85% of the world’s landmass. Transmit data and make phone calls simultaneously while your vehicle is moving!

Reliable communication: Robust, simple and functional design to minimize risk of failure. IP-56 rated antenna, dust and spray proof from all directions.

High performance: Standard data connectivity up to 432 kbps. Streaming IP up to 384 kbps. Supports ISDN and PSTN devices. Automatic spot-beam handover. Incorporated blocking recovery.

User-friendly: Status LED’s on front panel. Familiar EXPLORER web interface. IP Handset display and keypad. DHCP will automatically assign IP addresses to the devices attached. Automatically registers on the network when activity is detected on the LAN interface.

BGAN Mobile Applications
The Explorer 727 extends the capabilities of BGAN for mobile applications and users. The system is ideally suited for:

  • Mobile media operations requiring high speed voice and data connectivity for reporting and live video news feeds from remote locales.
  • Defence & Military applications that require global secure high speed communications for voice and data. Turns the vehicle into in-theatre communications hub. Mobile and secure in last tactical mile.
  • Public Safety, DR & Emergency Response applications for assured communications in remote regions without reliance on terrestrial infrastructure. For response and damage assessment, send photographs, videos, interviews. Phone calls independently of terrestrial/cellular networks. Telemedicine from a moving vehicle.
  • Oil and gas applications for data vans, wireline trucks or field crews that need high speed connectivity and voice communications.
  • Transportation and shipping companies that need to extend IP data applications to their fleet. Special sensitive cargo which requires monitoring. Direct data links to shipper. IP link for security applications. International lines – one roaming rate regardless of country.
  • Mobile Banking and Point of Sales applications. Rural mobile banking offering the customers instant access to their accounts, when and wherever needed.

Multi functional system:

  • Multiple LAN interfaces (built-in Ethernet switch).
  • Advanced Network Management enabling differentiating of services to multiple User Groups.
  • Router or Bridge Mode on each individual PDP context. Accommodates up to 11 global static or dynamic IP addresses, or any combination of those and supports up to 11 primary & secondary PDP contexts.

Simple installation & easy configuration:

  • Single coax cable up to 92m between terminal and antenna carrying all RF signals, DC power and modem communication.
  • Magnetic, rail and roof mount kits available.
  • Profiles for fast and easy configuration.
  • Firmware upgrading directly from the web interface.

Voice Options:

  • IP Hand sets, wired or wireless (up to 16 handsets).
  • Local calls and call forwarding via built-in PBX.
  • 2-wire Handset (EXPLORER or any off-the-shelf analogue phone). EXPLORER ISDN Handset or any off-the-shelf ISDN phone.
  • The built-in SIP server and an external wireless router will support VoIP calls from the Cobham IP Handset and commercial VoIP handsets.
  • Call restriction features like Allowed Dialling, Phone Book Dial, Auto-prefix and Barring of Services.


  • Two standard Phone/Fax ports for 2-wire analogue phones, PSTN modems, crypto devices and G-3 fax.
  • One Euro ISDN port for ISDN phones, ISDN modems, digital crypto devices, Group-4 fax.
  • Four LAN ports with Power over Ethernet (PoE) for computers, IP Handsets, IP crypto’s, video and audio equipment.
  • DC Input: 10.5 to 32 V DC (14 to 5.5 Amps) with remote On/Off function. One multi-purpose I/O connector with 5 configurable inputs/outputs: Ringer output. Warning/Error output. Mute output. Radio Silence input. Ignition pin for automatically switching On/Off the EXPLORER 727 when vehicle ignition is started/stopped.

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