EXPLORER Push-To-Talk (PTT) is an IP-based solution for PTT.  Leveraging the Inmarsat BGAN network for global coverage, the EXPLORER PTT also operates on cellular or other IP connections, providing cost effective PTT communications for public safety, search and rescue, utility, mining and oil & gas operations.  The intelligent PTT system automatically routes voice and data traffic via the least expensive network available.  The EXPLORER PTT solution solves many of the challenges of a VHF system:

  • The use of BGAN and existing cellular networks extends the coverage area beyond the reach of most terrestrial radio tower networks.
  • Improved voice quality with IP based digital compared to analogue VHF voice quality.
  • No expensive infrastructure and lower maintenance costs.
  • High quality voice (PTT & Telephone) and an on-the-move Internet connection.

The look and feel is like a VHF system – only a few buttons and easy push to transmit communication. A car installation includes a vehicular BGAN terminal (Explorer 325 or 727) and a Push-To-Talk terminal with a Control Speaker Microphone. Up to two optional USB modems can be connected to the base station, supporting two independent cellular networks. Explorer PTT componentsThe all important built-in least cost routing functionality enables automatic switching between the available networks:

  • Uses cellular networks as default.
  • If one of the cellular networks is congested or unavailable the system will automatically switch to the other cellular network.
  • If limited or no cellular coverage the system will switch to the Inmarsat BGAN satellite network.

Explorer PTT architecture


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