• Save up to 85% on satellite airtime bills
  • Blocks Unwanted Traffic
  • 3-5X faster web; 20X faster email
  • Works with Window, Mac, Linux
  • Works with iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod)
  • Works with virtually any satellite phone or terminal

More Speed for Less Money

Optimizer Satellite Firewall Hotspot increases your satellite data transfer efficiency and saves airtime costs while preventing unwanted data transmissions. Nothing is more efficient for satellite communications than email and Internet access, but computer software can make unwanted demands of your data feed, resulting in runaway bills and reduced data speeds.

Optimizer and XGate satellite phone email service solves these problems by blocking all unwanted traffic, passing only compressed email, weather and Internet data traffic over your valuable satellite data service. XGate service accelerates email transfers by up to 20 times, and web browsing by an average of 3-5 times uncompressed throughput. This can result in an 85% savings of satellite airtime.

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device for Satellite Email, Web, Weather, Social Media and Tracking

Optimizer makes satellite data easy – with the devices you already own. Optimizer is the original BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) satellite hotspot – letting you access the services you need with the smartphones, tablets and computers you already have. Optimizer broadcasts your satellite data feed as a Wi-Fi hotspot, let you easily access email, web, weather and social media services, and even track your location.  Most importantly, its powerful firewall blocks all unwanted service to eliminate runaway satellite phone airtime bills.

Optimizer Bring Your Own Device BYOD

Optimizer Features

  • Satellite – Turns any IP-based satellite data signal into a Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Firewall  – stops all unwanted data traffic, saving time and money
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot makes setup and use with compatible computers and tablets easy
  • GSM support – Plug in a compatible GSM USB-modem when you have GSM access to keep all the speed and convenience benefits of Optimizer, wherever you are.
  • Faster processor – Do everything quicker and more smoothly, the Optimizer wXa-112 (Spring 2014) includes a new processor for speed and reliability.

Optimizer Services

Optimizer works with compatible software services running on a laptop, tablet or smartphone to provide:

  • Email – Accelerate email service up to 20 times, saving up to 85% on satellite airtime
  • Web – Access compressed web pages an average of 3-5 times faster than normal
  • GRIB Weather – Get free GRIB files via email from online services
  • NEW! Mobile Weather – See local forecasts based on your location using your iOS or Android device.
  • Social Media – Update Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter over satellite
  • Tracking – Automatically sends your phone or terminal’s built-in GPS data to a compatible tracking service
  • Blogging Service – Get a free Sailblogs Premium Basic account with a compatible service.

There’s an App For This, Too

Optimizer creates a hotspot that lets you quickly and easily connect any Wi-Fi capable computer, and works with any Apple iOS device when used with the XGate app.