SureLinx 8100

Note: Product discontinued – please see IDP Section for alternatives.

The SkyWave SureLinx 8100 provides dual-mode communications capabilities on Inmarsat IsatM2M and Cellular GPRS. It sets the standard for reliable asset tracking and management systems at low total cost. Intelligent least cost routing capabilities automatically determines how to send and receive data files and GPS messages.

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Note: Product discontinued – please see IDP Section for alternatives.

The SkyWave 8100 ensures that your applications are delivered with lowest cost routing using GPRS, and when your assets are out of cellular coverage, automatically switches to Inmarsat D+ satellite service, maintaining a critical life-line link to your assets. Assets moving anywhere in the world are visible and reachable at all times by your business operations.

The SureLinx 8100 is a highly integrated, compact device with quad-band GPRS and Inmarsat D+ satellite transceivers, GPS, discrete input/output feeds, a programmable controller and integrated data logger. Program the device to report by time, distance, geofence or any other criteria to meet your specific application needs. A single device and interface for both GPRS and D+ eliminates many additional components and integration issues, to save you time and money and build robust solutions.

Key Features

  • Compact & Inconspicuous
  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS
  • Inmarsat D+ satellite
  • Global roaming
  • Least-cost message routing
  • Optional message priorities
  • Common exception reports
  • GPRS-only long messages
  • Exception-based reports
  • Over-the-Air Programming
  • Expandable inputs/outputs
  • Geofence capability
  • Data logging

Key Benefits

  • Reliable global coverage
  • Eliminates excess hardware component costs
  • Fewer components increases reliability
  • Reduces integration and support costs
  • Reduces networking costs


GPS reporting enables asset tracking for fleet management and security. With its low profile design, the 8100 is compact and inconspicuous for covert installations. Combined with built-in alert capabilities, your assets will operate more efficiently and at lower risk. This means significant improvement to your bottom line.

Trucks and containers moving across the country move in and out of cellular coverage. Ships enter and leave port and the coastline. In-land vessels follow rivers along borders and through valleys. But the 8100 keeps you covered no matter where your assets are with global, seamless network services.

When in cellular coverage, your application can send frequent updates cost-effectively using GPRS. But when outside of cellular range, the 8100 automatically switches to D+ exception mode, sending critical updates only when necessary. The optional on-board data logger can be used to store less-critical information and can be transmitted via GPRS when the asset returns to cellular coverage.

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