LeoTrak RST480

The Beam LeoTRAK RST480 from Network Innovations provides the latest technology to support GLOBAL alert, monitoring and tracking applications over the Iridium satellite network as well as GSM network worldwide for least cost communications.

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The RST480 has an inbuilt Iridium 9601 Short Burst Data module, Quad mode GSM module and a Super Sense GPS engine providing pinpoint accuracy for Tracking & Alert applications worldwide. It has the option of utilizing satellite or GSM message delivery or voice calls on the GSM module when used with the approved accessories

LeoTRAK RST480 can send tracking & alert messages on demand and/or stored on the local SD card for future retrievalThe system also supports the option of inbuilt battery backup or the use of a compact control panel for simple messaging applicationsAn advanced LeoTRAK Management System (LMS) enables the unit to be highly configurable to support a wide variety of applications monitoring and controlling internal and external events.

Key Terminal Features

  • In-built Iridium 9601 Data Module
  • Short Burst Data communications
  • In-built GSM Quad mode transceiver
  • GPRS data communication
  • External Data port
  • Sensitive In-built GPS engine
  • SD storage upgradeable to 4GB
  • Messaging Capable
  • Battery Back-up “Ready”
    • Up to 90 days sleep mode
    • Up to 7 days standby
    • Up to 6 hours continuous transmit
  • 9 – 32VDC input
  • Intelligent power saving modes
  • Support multiple alert buttons
  • Digital IO
  • Analogue input
  • Multiple alert notifications
  • Support simultaneous tracking
  • Pass code protected
  • Simple Installation / configuration
  • Local & remote configuration
  • Remote diagnostics & testing

Network Service Features

  • Low cost airtime rates
  • No regions or zones
  • Crew calling service
  • Pre or post paid
  • Itemised billing
  • Support all data services
  • Support all voice services
  • Support Iridium Fax terminal

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