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The Skywave IDP 800 satellite terminal operates on the Inmarsat two-way IsatData Pro satellite service for remote tracking and monitoring of fixed and mobile assets anywhere in the world. This low profile terminal is ideal for trailers, containers, vehicles and vessels, and can either be powered by batteries or vehicle power.

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Track trailers, containers, vehicles and vessels with IDP-800, a low-profile IsatData Pro terminal with an integrated battery compartment. The IDP 800 series of satellite communication terminals uses the two-way IsatData Pro satellite data service for remotely tracking and managing fixed and mobile assets anywhere in the world.

Reasons to Choose the IDP 800 Series:

  1. No power? No problem! Uses regular or rechargeable batteries or vehicle power. Three year battery life with once a day reporting.
  2. Two-way communication using the global Inmarsat constellation, offering high payload, low latency and lifetime beyond 2023.
  3. Save on airtime with onboard geofencing and accelerometer that detects motion to transmit only when moving.
  4. Slim profile design and easy installation makes it ideal for tracking and monitoring trailers and containers.
  5. Protect cargo and drivers with panic button, door sensors, power cut detection, GPS jamming and more.

The IDP-800 can be purchased with an optional remote antenna to accommodate a variety of installation requirements.

IDP-800 Features:

  • Communication: Two-way satellite via Inmarsat
  • On-board GPS & Accelerometer (motion detector)
  • 3 Analog/Digital I/Os
  • Power via AA batteries – rechargeable or non-rechargeable
  • On-board geo-fencing

IDP-800 Key Specifications:

  • Size: Height: 2.5 cm, Length 43.2 cm, Width 14.7 cm
  • Interfaces: Inputs/Outputs 3 – Analog or Digital In/Out, Serial 1 – RS-232
  • Power Consumption: Average Receive: 8.3 mA, Receive with GPS: 40 mA, Transmit: 0.75 A, Sleep: 100 μA, PowerOff 12 μA, Battery Cells 12 AA Cells
  • Weight: Without Batteries 1 kg (With integrated antenna), With Non-rechargable Batteries 1.2 kg (With integrated antenna)
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C (Batteries not included), -40°C to +60°C (Non-rechargeable), -10°C to +50°C (Rechargeable)

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