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Note: Product discontinued – please see IDP Section for alternatives.

The SkyWave DMR-800 series Inmarsat IsatM2M/D+ terminals from Network Innovations set the industry standard for reliable burst-messaging satellite communications with low total cost of ownership. The IsatM2M/D+ network operates over Inmarsat’s high quality international satellite constellation, for mobile and stationary asset security and management applications deployed anywhere in the world.

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Note: Product discontinued – please see IDP Section for alternatives.

DMR 800 Key Benefits

  • Reliable global coverage
  • Low total lifecycle cost
  • Easy to install
  • Painless integration with application software
  • Feature options balance capital and functional needs

DMR 800D

The DMR 800D provides flexibility and integration in a compact form factor.  Burst messaging capabilities combined with a flexible API enable the DMR-800D to be quickly deployed in a wide range of asset security and management applications on land, at sea, or in the air.  Four configurable I/O lines provide monitoring and control capabilities, eliminating in many cases the requirement for additional controller devices by utilizing the DMR-800D as a complete remote monitoring and control solution.  Variants with and without GPS cost-optimize deployment in both mobile and fixed applications.  Complementing its hardware versatility, advanced software features such as geo-fencing, in conjunction with a powerful scripting language, significantly increase the range of uses for the DMR-800D.
DMR 800L
DMR-800LThe DMR 800L offers improved low-elevation performance for applications at high altitude, high latitude or high seas. Delivering the same flexibility, quality and reliability as the DMR-800D, the low-elevation model further extends the range of applications and effectiveness of the DMR-800 family for asset security and management solutions in hard-to-reach locations. As one moves away from the equator towards the poles, the elevation angle of the satellite with respect to the asset decreases. Similarly in oceanic applications such as vessels and buoys, sea motion can reduce the elevation angle. The DMR-800L significantly improves the performance of burst messaging at low elevation angles, ensuring high reliability communications.

DMR 800D C1D2
As increasing requirements for tracking, monitoring and control of hazardous materials drive business needs and regulatory compliance, the DMR-800D provides a versatile solution. The C1Div2 version of DMR-800D is UL-913 certified for Hazardous Locations. This includes transport vehicles, storage tanks, and related facilities prevalent in industries such as Oil and Gas or commercial farming. Both mobile and fixed (SCADA/telemetry) applications can be served by variants of the DMR-800D C1Div2 with and without GPS built-in. The high degree of integration and programming flexibility common to the DMR-800 family is now available to the most demanding operating environments.

Key Features

  • Compact & Inconspicuous
  • Prioritized communications
  • Exception-based reports
  • Over-air programming
  • Integrated input/output
  • Multiple geo-fences
  • High-speed GPS correction
  • Data logging
  • Low power modes
  • Inmarsat type approved
  • Ruggedized, environmentally sealed packaging
  • Highly reliable network


  • GPS reporting for asset tracking of vehicles, equipment or containers
  • Ability to monitor sensors and actuators for conditions and perform report actions such as automatic door or engine locking
  • Vessel monitoring or ship security alert systems to meet international legal and safety requirements
  • Commercial fishing, navigational or environmental weather buoy applications
  • Logistics applications for ensuring efficient route planning, fuel consumption, vehicle adherence to regulations
  • SCADA, M2M, telemetry and remote monitoring for cathodic protection and field equipment monitoring such as storage tanks, pipelines, compressors or agricultural equipment

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