SatDock 9555

The Network Innovations SatDOCK 9555 is an in-vehicle hands-free docking unit for the Iridium 9555 satellite telephone. It provides a high quality semi-permanent installation that uses echo cancelling and full duplex technologies to provide superior voice quality.

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The Beam SatDOCK 9555 from Network Innovations provides hands-free or privacy installation for any vehicle, boat or aircraft. The cradle simply docks the 9555 handset securely, providing an integrated antenna, data and power connection.  The 9555 handset is easily inserted and removed by the press of a button on the top of the dock making it very easy to remove the 9555 for use out of the dock at anytime.

SatDock 9555 Benefits

  • Install antenna, microphone and speaker in a convenient location, within the vehicle
  • Voice services are easily accessed
  • Data services available using USB connector
  • Supports all Iridium internet and data services
  • Hands-free Interface provides all the power and audio outputs
  • Line level interface for specialised integrations
  • Optional Privacy Intelligent handset providing access to the same features available directly from the 9555 phone
  • Delay Power OFF functionality after the ignition is turned OFF
  • Allows power of unit on accessory power in emergency applications
  • Charges 9555 battery whilst in the cradle
  • Integrated antenna and power connection
  • Loud ring indications
  • Enables connection to Horn alert

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