Network Innovations provides rentals of satellite communications equipment for your short term requirements. We offer a variety of technologies for rental on weekly and monthly terms.  Whether you need voice or data communications, our rental programs can accomodate you.

Satellite Phone Rentals

For hand-held voice communications around the globe, we rent Iridium satellite phones on a weekly or monthly basis. The Iridium phones have global coverage and provide telephone service, SMS text messaging, voice-mail, and a low speed data service (2.4 Kbps) suitable for text-only email.
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BGAN Internet Terminal Rentals

For Internet service in a small, portable device, we rent the Explorer 500 BGAN terminal which provides service on a near global basis. The BGAN terminal provides telephone service, a broadband Internet connection, SMS text messaging and support for fax systems, live video and video conferencing requirements. Rentals are provided on a monthly basis. BGAN is ideal if your need an Internet connection for email with file attachments or connectivity to IP or web-based applications.
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VSAT Systems

For larger scale Internet requirements such as camp sites or relief projects, we can provide monthly rentals of VSAT systems to support multi-user Internet requirements including VOIP services.
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SATRAD Push-To-Talk Two-Way Radio

For projects that require two-way push-to-talk radio, our SATRAD service is available on a monthly basis to enable your team with what is effectively a portable radio tower that can be deployed anywhere in North America.
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