SatControl provides comprehensive management capabilities for monitoring, filtering, real-time reporting and usage controls of Inmarsat BGAN, BGAN M2M & FleetBroadband satellite terminals.

SatControl BenefitsSatControl Main Menu

  • Helps to control costs of usage
  • Provides detailed reporting to aid M2M deployments
  • Flexibility to apply firewall filters to different SIM cards for different user or application scenarios
  • Quick access to determine status of remote satellite devices
  • Reports to enable you to analyze traffic patterns and usage by SIM
  • Controls to restrict data usage by device or individual user for crew applications


  • View SIM Card information:
    • IMSI & ICCID
    • Service Type,
    • Status (Enabled/Disabled),
    • IP pools or static IP addresses assigned to each SIM.
  • Assign SIM Cards to Groups

SatControl View SIMs


  • View SIM Cards for Data Session Status: Active/Inactive (PDP Context)
  • Generate SatTrace reports showing Internet statistics, such as web sites that have been visited.
  • Generate real-time reports on traffic by date/time including breakdown of usage by uplink/downlink, protocol used and destination IP address.  Download as text or csv files.




  • Network Access Policy (firewall)
    • Configure named firewall rules (pre-defined and build your own)
    • Assign firewall rules to specific SIM cards
    • Enable/disable the firewall on a per-SIM basis
    • Filter IP traffic in either direction on: IP address, network service port, IP protocol
    • Pass or block ICMP traffic. SatControl Configure NAP


  • Terminate active sessions
  • Control Usage by allocating credit (e.g. Standard IP megabytes of usage) to SIM cards
    • Restricted Post-paid (service cut off when limit is reached, customer-managed)

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