Engineering & Integration

Engineering & Integration

Network Innovations’ technical team can help you define your requirements and determine the best solution for your specific needs.  Our expert team will work with you to design, test, implement and support a satellite communications solution that will help to enhance communications in your organization.  Our team provides consulting services to assist with:

  • Requirements planning
  • Product testing, evaluations and comparisons
  • Project management of implementations
  • Expert advice and validation of design and implementations

We have an experienced, focused and knowledgeable team that can help you determine the best solution for your requirements whether it be voice or data communications.

Engineering Solutions

Network Innovations has extensive experience in integration of satellite modems with customer specific equipment, as well as engineering unique value-add products that enhance the capabilities of core satellite system technologies.

From an integration perspective, we have provided solutions to integrate satellite communications modems with everything from two-way radio networks and dispatch consoles to gas well flow meters, tide gauges, vehicle engine bus computers, and a variety of software applications.

M2M Solutions

We have engineered our Universal Communications Adapter (UCA) to provide intelligence for remote monitoring in telemetry and SCADA applications. Our UCA provides a platform for ease of integration and communication with Serial packet data or Modbus devices.  The UCA also enables report by exception monitoring to optimize the cost of utilizing satellite communications for M2M, SCADA and telemetry applications.


Our SATRAD product suite includes our own technology engineered to enhance the capabilities of two-way radio via satellite and enable ease of integration with existing UHF/VHF/P25 radio networks and dispatch console systems.  These products have been engineered and are manufactured exclusively by Network Innovations:

If you need help with finding a way to communicate with a remote device, whether for voice or data, we have the team that can engineer a solution.
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