As an Inmarsat Distribution Partner, Network Innovations provides a suite of Inmarsat services for satellite voice and data applications, on land or at sea.  Our Inmarsat services accommodate requirements for basic telephone service, low-speed data (M2M/SCADA), high-speed broadband Internet, text messaging, GPS tracking, safety and distress signalling.

Network Innovations POP (point of presence) infrastructure in New York, Toronto and Amsterdam is fully integrated with Inmarsat’s private network for BGAN, FleetBroadband and Global Xpress (GX) services.  Our tight integration with the Inmarsat network enables us to provide a broad array of value-add services and deliver a high level of support to our customers. These services include VPNs, cross-connects, firewall (filtering), traffic monitoring & controls, detailed usage traffic reporting and PIN-based crew calling solutions for Inmarsat services.

Inmarsat services are provide on a satellite fleet of 11 spacecraft flying in geostationary orbit 35,786km (22,236 miles) above the earth.  A range of services are provided to accommodate varying data and voice applications on land or at sea:

Global Xpress

Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) will be the first high-speed broadband VSAT network to span the world. It will deliver seamless, globally available, high-speed broadband connectivity on land, at sea, and in the air – provided by a single satellite operator on one consistent network.  GX provides the ability to leverage the same technology and service plans wherever you need VSAT services, providing consistency in your satellite VSAT services on a global basis.  Learn more about Global Xpress.

BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network)

BGAN provides simultaneous voice and broadband data communications globally from small and lightweight satellite terminals. Think of BGAN as a global 3G network on the Inmarsat satellites.  Connect your BGAN terminal to a portable PC or smart device to access the internet for applications such as web browsing and email, or choose from a range of guaranteed Streaming IP rates to meet all your data, voice and video needs. Learn more about BGAN.bgan-remote-well site


A reliable, global, two-way IP data service designed for machine-to-machine management of fixed and mobile assets. Inmarsat BGAN M2M connects monitoring and control applications in remote, unmanned locations, giving you full visibility and management of your dispersed assets across an entire operational area. A global 3G network for M2M and SCADA applications. Learn more about BGAN M2M.


BGAN HDR (High Data Rate) supports a portfolio of four streaming rates that set a new standard in live TV broadcasting from small, portable antennas.  Inmarsat BGAN HDR provides a minimum throughput of 580kbps with its full channel option, but users can expect to see an average speed of 600-700kbps, reaching as high as 800kbps.


BGAN Link is a BGAN service for fixed site implementations.  A broadband data service for users who require high monthly volumes of always-on Standard IP data for sustained periods of operation. Inmarsat BGAN Link enables companies working in remote areas to quickly set up a remote office and gain instant access to standard workplace tools, such as email, web browsing and VPN. Learn more about BGAN Link.


IsatHub provides Standard IP (up to 384 / 240 Kbps), Circuit switched voice and SMS Text messaging services on small, portable devices with in-built wi-fi capability. Learn more about IsatHub.


FleetBroadband is maritime service that provides dependable, seamless voice and broadband data coverage across the world’s oceans. Inmarsat FleetBroadband provides the same range of voice and data services as BGAN via a range of antenna sizes to suit your vessel needs. Whether you select the FB150, FB250 or FB500 terminal, you can rely on FleetBroadband for cost-effective operational and crew communications. Learn more about FleetBroadband.Fleetbroadband full ahead cropped

Fleet Xpress

Fleet Xpress provides high-speed broadband service for maritime applications on the Global Xpress network. Inmarsat Fleet Xpress is a hybrid Ka-band/L-band service, offering reliable and consistent communications from a single satellite operator. Learn more about Fleet Xpress.

Fleet One

Ideal for leisure yachts and near-shore fishing boats, Fleet One is a service tailored to deliver dependable voice and broadband data to smaller vessels. Inmarsat Fleet One offers affordable pricing plans that take into account seasonal variations and occasional use, and comes with a specially designed compact and easy-to-install antenna. Fleet One delivers global voice, regional IP data up to 100 kbps and SMS text messaging. Learn more about Fleet One.


XpressLink offers the maritime industry a compelling combination of high-speed broadband for a fixed monthly fee. The service delivers outstanding quality, global coverage and seamless mobility through integration of the FleetBroadband service with VSAT service to provide increased performance and unlimited data. You can rely on the seamless global coverage and reliable FleetBroadband connectivity, as well as always-on data speeds of up to 768Kbps and a Committed Information Rate (CIR) of 192Kbps. Learn more about XpressLink.


FleetPhone provides low-cost, maritime satellite phone service, designed for use when you’re beyond the range of land-based networks.  Inmarsat FleetPhone is a global, fixed solution for vessels where the primary requirement is for voice communication or where additional voice lines are needed. Learn more about FleetPhone.

IsatPhone (GSPS)

IsatPhone services operate on handheld satellite phones to provide a clear, dependable voice service anywhere on the planet – no matter how remote. Choose from the low-cost IsatPhone Pro or the robust IsatPhone 2 – both purpose-built for the most reliable satellite communications network in the world, and offering unrivalled battery life and all the other features you need to stay connected.isatphone-2-exploration-20140921003-1200x813

IsatPhone Link

IsatPhone Link is a low-cost, fixed-line satellite phone service for people based in rural or remote areas outside of cellular coverage and is deployable on a near global basis. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, you can set up IsatPhone Link within minutes to provide crystal-clear and reliable telephone calling. Also ideal for emergency and back-up communications. Learn more about IsatPhone Link.

IsatData Pro

IsatData Pro is a global, two-way, short message service for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. It enables companies to track and monitor fixed or mobile assets, providing increased visibility of business operations, enhanced efficiency, and greater safety and security for assets, cargo and drivers – while lowering operational costs. Learn more about IsatData Pro.


IsatM2M is a global, store-and-forward, two-way, low data rate messaging service for remote assets for tracking, monitoring and control operations. Inmarsat IsatM2M supports critical applications such as transport vehicle security, industrial equipment monitoring and marine tracking, giving companies visibility and control of fixed or mobile assets. Learn more about IsatM2M.

Inmarsat C

Inmarsat C provides two-way data and messaging communication services to and from virtually anywhere in the world. The low-cost terminals and antennas are small enough to fit any size of ship. Inmarsat C is store and forward communication system that can handle data and messages up to 32kb in length. Inmarsat C equipment comprises a small omnidirectional antenna/transceiver and, if GMDSS-compliant or with a distress function, a dedicated distress button to activate an alert. All Inmarsat C and Mini C terminals have an integrated Global Navigational Satellite Services (GNSS) receiver for an automatic position update on the terminal which is used for distress alerting (ship’s position, course and speed), ship’s position data reporting applications and selective reception of EGC SafetyNET messages. Distress alerts and distress priority messages transmitted via the Inmarsat C system are routed through a land earth station to a Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC).